I have to choose between the two.

The war lasted nearly ten years.

Do you know what it's called?

If God is with us, then who can be against us?


Don't you have a speech to make?

How'd you end up here?

Tell me all you know in connection with this.

Listening to classical music and studying complement one another.

That's a long ways away.

It is a long pencil.

I want a single room.

There's music for everyone.

I should have left the camera battery recharging.

I couldn't spot Rahul.

The time came when I had to leave Japan.

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We probably should've talked about this before now.

I think you look like her.

I plan to make a trip to China in the winter or soon after.

Loyd moved away with Loren.

We'll wait for Michael.

She has no opinion about religion.

I love opening fortune cookies.

Cookie was a very gentle dog.

It's two o'clock in the afternoon.

She claims that she has already finished the report.

Have fun this summer!

I know nothing about him.

It's a trap!

Being wrong in what you are is easiest.

She naturally sacrificed everything for the sake of raising her children.

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She loved both of them and they both loved her.

Do you think I'm strong enough?

I'm going to Boston with you.

Lex tried on a shirt he liked, but it was too small.

I lived with a foster family for a couple of months when I was younger.

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My dog Wolfgang always sleeps beside me on the bench while I'm working at the computer.

I lived there three years ago.

Tandy gave Lukas a little push.

Did you say yes or no?

My father works for the company as an engineer.

Patricia was detained by the police.

When you want to sell hot dogs in the ball park, you pay a concession fee to the ball-park's owner. When you want to profit from selling in the European Economic Community market, you pay what to whom?


You'll do nothing of the kind.

Jennifer's wife kicked him out.

You've got to protect me.


The father is very tired.

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I'm sure she'll get over her illness soon.

She started from the summit.

There must be a pattern.


I want him.

Wolverine can kill a prey that is 5 times the size of it, but only in rather deep snow where large animals get stuck.

Big boys don't cry.

Siegurd vehemently denied the accusations.

If it weren't for the iPhone, I wouldn't be able to learn Japanese.

I'm a grandfather.

Do you deny that you went there?

He would die within a month.

He raised the glass to his lips and drained it at one gulp.

I don't regret coming here.

Is this your first investigation?

Protestants don't venerate saints.

Where have you been all afternoon?

Cristina didn't want to admit he had a drinking problem.

It's better to be crazy than to be boring.

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No one knows her name.

We pleaded with Venkata not to go there.

I like cracking sunflower seeds.

You should ask him for advice.

It is kind of you to lend me the money.

I want to do my job.

Last night I fell asleep with television on.

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I have an interest in cello and piano.

We need to postulate a completely different paradigm to explain all these phenomena.

Open your texts to page 50.

Kirsten is very proud of himself.

Today, I am feeling a lot better.

You've lost weight haven't you?

I can't quite picture Roman as a politician.

I've never told anyone why I have trouble sleeping.

Do you ever wear a tie?

I'm a hero.

It's a nice day to eat outside.

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We have run out of strawberries.

Could you spare a moment?

You should get a tetanus booster shot once every ten years.

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She was not invited.

I have a separate notebook for each class.

I hardly ever see Saify anymore.

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We'll let her decide.

There isn't a dog that's bigger than this.

We like going to the museum.


It's been three years since he died.

I'll come back by the morning.

Benson couldn't convince Del that she had made a mistake.


I'd like to do that.

Kanthan will come by.

Some Americans joined the Communist Party.

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He will try it.

The Spanish word for "and" is variable.

The roots of this tree go down deep.


She's alive! She was drowning, but her father saved her.

How were your first days at school?

Can we meet somewhere?

Noemi is trying not to be trip and fall.

I would like to live in luxury.

Philippe rode his bicycle through the village.

We can't think about that now.


When I tried to speak to her, I always found myself too shy to do more than stammer or say something stupid.

I hear you've been hanging around with Rees.

Can I give you a hand with that?

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Her health is improving little by little.

I will return the book as soon as I can.

Due to the water shortage, all the flowers in the garden have died.

Why are you changing your clothes?

That was sensible.

I think you made an impression on her.

Jim doesn't like apples, does he?

It's correct.

There is much information to review.

You have provided me with some very useful advice.

Ozan realized Maria was tired.

Do you have lucid dreams?

We were all pretty shocked.


You don't want to know what happened to them.

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I don't like square dancing.

I've got a fever.

This singer is an idol of the youth.

The trains are running in this snow.

I don't know much about Australia.


I made him talk to his aunt on the phone.


They've taken Tanaka off life support.

Did Monty stay?

Rayan was the last person I expected to meet in Boston.


I wouldn't miss it for anything.

You have very straight teeth.

"Do you like this painting?" "Yes, but I think the frame is more expensive than the picture. Where did you buy it?"

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Old will remain at home.

I'm a wreck.

Can I get a little assistance here?

The had intended to buy flowers for Hans, but he forgot to.

He asked me if I knew her telephone number.


Let's hope Donn wasn't injured too badly.


My roommate is crazy.

Ned had never seen anything like that before.

We'd like you to come with us.

He can fly.

She held the kitten in the same way a mother gorilla would hold her own baby.

There was a plate of uneaten food on the table.

Did Louise laugh?

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They started making this car in 1980.


This dish is terrific.


You're a mess.

Why would anyone want to kiss me?

Have you read any good books lately?

We all stood up at once.

I don't know many people who like to watch schlock films.

Judith gave the clerk thirty dollars.

Right after the teacher finished the class the bell rang.

That he did such a terrible thing is certain.

Ramsey bought his daughter a Macintosh for her birthday.

Anna complained about the heat.

You've bought more stamps than needed.

Kenneth intends to visit Price on Monday.

Patricia and his friends sat around the fire, talking about the good old days.


I never had an appointment with the doctor.

I think he drove madly and kept having accidents.

She was feeling desperate.

Jesse has been waiting for us for the past thirty minutes.

I'm looking for a present for my mother. Do you have anything in mind?