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You are a student.


We're leaving here soon.


I heard every word.


How's the breakfast at McDonald's?

They both have farms less than three kilometers from here.

Lou could never do that.

What can you do now?

They watched their chance.

Wolf wanted to talk to you.

We've missed our train.

I feel heavy in the head.

Does someone know where my son is?


You can omit the preposition in this sentence.

This is the restaurant that I often eat at.

That dress looks good on you.

His experience qualifies him to do the job.

If you eat a lot, you'll eventually get fat.


Taking moderate exercise will keep you healthy.


I'm pretty sure Barry has been lying to me.


She so wants to go.


The number of automobiles has been increasing.

There's no urgency.

But what bad have I done to deserve all this?

I spent the weekend with friends.

The bridge is built of wood.

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I just wanted to thank you for your support.

I had hardly left home when it began raining.

Why can't we go visit them?

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I want to teach today.

You're going to be in trouble and it's my fault.

Leonard and Leigh arrived at the same time.

Ilya said he agrees it's a problem.

Halley's Comet comes round once every eighty years.

Some people in the writing workshop thought Stevan and Hitoshi hated each other, but they were really lifelong sparring partners.

We beat three teams.

She was the one who suggested it.

I know somebody who's perfect for the job.

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He bade her adieu forever.


That's the general idea.

His joy showed on his face.

I find Marsha intriguing.

We traveled to Mexico by plane.

Terrence warned Jeany to stay away from his house.


Don't quote me on this.

I do want to do the sights of Kyoto.

This salad has a lemon taste.


I want to master Swedish.

I would like to brush up my English.

She put it in the box.

I think we have some mice in the attic.

I wonder what would happen if Giovanni walked in here right now.


Snow lies thick on the ground.

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I've severed communications.

That's all the English I know.

The roof was blown off by the explosion.


The prime minister appoints the members of his cabinet.

I played with friends.

I didn't have the heart to eat the cake she made me.

You and Sri are made for each other.

Raphael opened the balcony window.

Peter told Galen that the story wasn't true.

You don't understand, do you?


I'd love to meet Jack.

Would you like me to order the same thing for you?

He was dealt a deadly blow.


I'm pretty sure that Arnold gets paid a lot more than I do.

That happened to me as well.

I can often hear my neighbors arguing.

I am sick of them all.

I totally agree with him.

He's not a criminal.

Where did you grow up?

Numbers don't stick in your mind, pictures do.

Jem unlocked the drawer.

The place I live in is very good for your health.

It is preferable that he gets there by tomorrow.

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Nothing is pleasant in life.


He promised a mountain of gold.

Make sure you don't get Tommy mad.

Free speech is still dangerous in some countries.

I am quite worried about how resilient the Gulf of Mexico is. She's had some pretty dramatic traumas, and I'm worried how much the ecosystem can actually tolerate.

The kids are driving me crazy.


What is your ultimate summer song?

Stop sniveling, Space.

Emil wore a white shirt.

Horst couldn't afford to buy everything he needed.

There are three empty rooms. However, we can't use any of them.


How many cars has that company bought?

Let's hope Nora behaves himself.

Rugby is a sport which is never called off by rain.

The clock is ten minutes behind.

Jason was my very first patient.


Can you guess this riddle?

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His head was hurt by the fall.

When he left the navy, he found it hard to adjust to life ashore.

Elvis didn't seem very impressed.

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I forgot to watch it.


Does milk spoil quickly?

It'll be cold tonight.

I'm sure Konstantinos will return my calls eventually.

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O that I had never seen thee.

After the demise of Stalin, Korolev gained the support of the new leader, Nikita Khrushchev.

That boy can't be very healthy, as he only eats fast foods.

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The badger bit the boy.

Try that one.

Naomi spoke in a firm voice.

Kristin has never been asked out on a date.

I'd just like to point out a few potential problems.

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He arrived to the accident scene nine hours after the crash.


That helps all of us.

He went for the doctor.

Fuck, what a pity!

I want to know about everything.

What did you measure it with?

I like men.

I am sure you will take an active role in your new position.

I'll call you when I need you.

You have to make choices.

I remember well the time I first met him.

Kirk wants justice.

Jerry told me he planned to visit Jun the next time he went to Boston.

You'll have to do that on your own.


Ernest ended up going by himself.

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The inspector didn't believe Dan's story.

To be or not to be, that is the question.

Who's going to tell me?

Two doctors were talking shop.

Hal is interested in French history.

We're not doctors.

Misfortune dogged him all his life.

Urs is being evasive again.

Oh, that's crazy.

Let's give her some more time.

He was drenched by the rain.

Could you tell me where I can get a train?

That does not accord with his statement.

Facing us, we see City Hall.

People love to inspect each other's houses.

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Leif lied when Mats asked him how old he was.


It was absolutely amazing.


If you get nearer, you're dead !

You have to take the good with the bad.

Real asked for Marie's opinion.

We have a composting toilet.

Eliot doesn't want justice. He wants revenge.

You see, I'm right.

I hope she will get over her disease.

Take it down.

I will keep my fingers crossed.

That was a very good speech.

I left early so as not to be late.


She flatly refused to let him in.

Where did you go to high school?

She knows who the father is.

I'm getting married to her in June.

Not so close!

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Andre attends church regularly.

I would be happy to be of any service to you.

One should read many books when one is young.

He is afraid his wife is not very domestic.

Be careful not to drive on the wrong side of the road.