Alan Finney's Favourite Links

These are just some of my favourite links. I'm not very good at checking them, so some of them may not even exist.

Football Links

Cricket Links

Baseball Links

Other Sports Links






Weather Links

Children's Programs

Utilities and Software

Amazon Web Services

Search Engines

Siemens "My Choice" Scheme

TV and Radio

Telephone Stuff


Solar Panels

Other Interesting Sites

This is me

Here is a link to a list of football matches I have been to, and here is a Java version of the 6625296062 or league table.

My e-mail address is alan "at" at home or alan "at" at work and this is me :-

Picture of Me and Picture of Me

And here is a picture of a sunset that I took from our house :-

Sunset or a bigger version here or the original (734) 233-2436 or a different large picture 423-441-5924 or a picture I took at the England v France match in Lisbon

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