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Welcome to your one stop shop for knowledge, insight, and opinion on some of the most legendary figures in World Football history. Italy has had no shortage of superstars in their ranks through the years, and this website is dedicated to those who are synonymous with greatness. Going through the years, this website will give you all of the information you need on your favourite World Cup National Teams, the ones you watched reach the pinnacle of the sport. Next the sublime Italian Goalkeeper legends will be discussed, the men who sometimes do not get the necessary credit that they thoroughly deserve. Another position that is often left out when talking about the all time great legends of Calcio (Italian for football/soccer) are the Defenders.  This is not the case as much in Italy, as Defending in Italy has always been world class.

The Italians treat their Defending as serious as any nation in the world, and it explains their impeccable defensive records in World Cup tournaments of the past. Next we will discuss the maestros in Midfield, and talk about all of the various Italian Midfield legends of the past and present. As a midfielder myself, I understand the complexity and versatility that comes with the position. It is often the midfielders that do the most running during a match, and maintaining that high work rate on offense and defence is an important role. Finally, last but certainly not least, we will go over the countless Italian Forward legends of the game.

Despite all of Italy’s reputation for solid, ironclad defences, they have had an extraordinary amount of fantastic strikers and attacking players. Very few, if any, nations have had the good fortune of deciding between multiple legends, sometimes having to leave one of them on the bench. Many of these circumstances will be discussed further in the site, as well as many more. Continue on throughout the site, and I am positive you will be saying Forza Azzurri in no time!

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