One of the sophisms of Chrysippus was, "If you have not lost a thing, you have it."

As soon as you get the wall painted, you can go home.


We both know what you're doing.

Dion is not as good as she thinks.

I made a rough calculation.

Dan came for Julie at six.

I like green tea.


I'll be here in my office if anyone needs me.

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Tharen was kind enough to lend me the money I needed.

You'd better back off.

Are you giving out meal tickets here?

Margie doesn't speak French at home.

It is admitted that the hotel is the best in this area.

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Sometimes it's fun to creep yourself out thinking about it.

Where have they taken him?

I'm not accustomed to being in the limelight.

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I got myself a job proof-reading.

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Heck, with oboe players there are those who, rather than search for a reed that suits them, find it faster to make their own.

Father is busy, so I will go instead.

I come from Europe.


Juliane works at a pizzeria.

I cannot watch this film. I don't like it.

Perhaps Karen can sing at our wedding.

You'd think they'd tell me what they want.

We absented ourselves from school.

You're still young.

I'm just trying to understand what's going on.

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It seems like you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

As time passed, the radioactivity diminished.

Pat thinks that learning foreign languages is tedious and boring.

Everything we write is autobiographical.

I asked what he was going to do.

Izchak didn't ask me to do anything.

It's a little farther ahead.

Does it matter?

They went out to eat.

No one else needs to die.

I need to find out where Alfred lives.

My daughter is often sick.

Kinch eats very quickly.

What can I do for my image?

Aren't you going to thank me?


People in this country make it a habit to bow when they meet.

Kissing one's spouse in public is considered acceptable behavior in some countries.

It started to rain.

Adding comments makes the code easier to read.

Does he go to school early?

They de-iced the bridge with salt.

It's already 11.

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Ilya doesn't even own a computer.

She sat still for fear of waking the baby.

Open the bottle.

There are many theories about the sudden extinction of the dinosaurs, but the real cause still remains anyone's guess.

I've just arrived at the airport.

I want to find out what really happened.

Ten years have passed since he died.

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Make contact when it is convenient.

The inscription reads: "Defend the children of the poor and punish the wrongdoer".

This is the first time I've ever fixed this machine.

The prices are those collectors would expect to pay at auction now.

The Louvre has some very beautiful paintings by David and by Ingres among others of the best paintings in the world.

Bryce didn't say where he wanted to go.

A whale is no more a fish than a horse.

Do you have a message you want me to deliver to Ron?

Bob doesn't talk to anyone.

I don't understand how she did that. That was a miracle.

You can't please everyone.


Everybody here knows me.


I call the shots.

He's a grump.

Our pricing is very competitive.

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He had a strange dream last night.


Miles is very particular.

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I thought Lenny might kiss Barbra.

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Our whole case hinges on whether the government's actions were constitutional or not.

Ravi knows where to hide it.

Show me the money!


How do you translate "Pfirsichbaeumchen" into Berber?

I'd like to see her win.

I'll introduce you to her.


Bill is still a legendary figure in this company.

The rider is not careful.

His statement is void of sincerity.

Westbound traffic won't be affected by the construction.

This car has a better performance than that one.

Everyone is free to go.

It is regrettable that she should have died so young.

Skef had blisters on his hands.

The woman is reading.

Passportu is a very lucky human.

Nothing has been finalized.


I recognized him.


Dan could not get Linda to tell him what was wrong.

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He put his finger on the cause of the rocket's failure to orbit.

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One of my classmates used to live in Boston.


Wear torn clothes if you must, but be independent.


Our train leaves at eight-thirty.

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I must attend my history class on Thursday.

I can speak it a little.

If you really need a job, why don't you consider working for Takao?

Did you see the lunar eclipse yesterday?

Toufic did as he was told.

Robert got the better of Jack in the game of chess.

And, they've already torn up the garden.

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The servants, and the young ladies also, decked out the tree. On one branch they hung little nets, cut out of colored paper; every net was filled with sweetmeats; golden apples and walnuts hung down as if they grow there, and more than a hundred little candles, red, white, and blue, were fastened to the different boughs.

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We did what we had to to survive.

I'm not sure that Lowell enjoyed the party as much as we did.

What are you two doing out here?

Where did you take this information?

He is the very man for the job.

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They're trapped.


Jane was fuming.

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We're nearly out of time.


I could swim across the river when I was twelve.


We won hands down, because the other players were weak.

I don't need this kind of stress.

We probably don't have enough time to finish doing that today.

It's a binary world; the computer might be his paradigm. And many engineers seem to aspire to be binary people within in.

Kid! Can't you hear? Hand him the hammer and hold the nail!

I didn't think it was a problem.

We came together to form a group.

I just don't want to say the wrong thing.

There used to be a tall tree near the temple.


I'd rather stay here.

If you float a one yen coin on water and move a magnet slowly towards it then the coin will approach the magnet.

I didn't mean to be selfish.

Gerard met his wife when he was studying in Germany.

I know a person who speaks Russian very well.


I felt very happy.


Older men are usually very wise.

The police didn't find fingerprints.

What did I do wrong?

The singer was standing by in the studio.

I don't drink, but I'm drunk because of you.

I know this has been a hard time for you.

It takes one to know one.


You must find work.

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No one stops to listen to him.

The men followed him.

You're quite the liar.

Do not choose locations close to the air space to play game.

I borrowed this cartoon from his older sister.

My pudding looked strange to me.

They took away my daughter.

I need you now more than ever.

If I had eaten breakfast this morning, I would not be hungry now.


Slartibartfast has a grown daughter.

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This is where Gerald and Sonja stayed on their honeymoon.

Trade is getting depressed.

"Hello, can I speak with Mauro?" "Yes, who's calling?"

Ethan had a rule not to kiss on the first three dates, but this rule went out the window when she met Jun.

You may choose what to eat from this list.

Maurice is the perfect girl for Chip.

I'm working on a big project.


Rodney didn't write anything in his notebook.


You must turn in your old license in order to get a new one.

My diaries cover twenty-five years.

Cats usually meow.