Jacques experienced the whole gamut of emotions from sheer joy to utter despair during his relationship with Wolf.

Did you read the email I sent you a couple days ago?


Apart from a couple of early setbacks, the project is progressing well.

If we hurry, we'll make it.

How did you get Sanjib to admit he was the one who stole your wallet?

I expected this to happen.

The moment I saw him, I knew he was angry.

How well do you know them?

In aftermath of the accident he lost his sight.


You are lying.

The lawyer gave an important paper at the conference.

This land gives good crops.

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You know what else? My daughter wants a pony and my husband wants a yacht.

The flood ruined the crops.

However, you can't smoke inside.

Kory hates liars.

She's a fine looking woman.

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

There's a package for Bucky on my desk.

That's obviously inevitable.

The manner in which he was apprehended shows that he was not much known, at that time.


You don't seem too happy to see me.


Students have been protesting against the government's decision.


We escaped death by a hair's breadth.

We've isolated the problem.

I don't understand dog language.

Murthy always wondered why Casey hated John.

I have been acquainted with her for more than 20 years.

It being Sunday today, we have no school.

He has been suffering from a bad cold. She is very anxious about his health.

Varda plowed the field.

Why are you and Malloy fighting?


Adlai has achieved remarkable results.


Marion said Rayan was sleeping.

She came to Brittany when war broke out.

O Hamlet, you have broken my heart in two.


I thought I was completely over Paul.

Gabriel and Henry fell in love and decided to get married.

I don't think her story is true.

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Where will Cathy and Anatoly go next?

We sent you an email with an activation link.

Should I call for an ambulance?


You would be safe there.


Nowadays no one believes in ghosts.

He teased me about it.

We get the materials from Malaysia.


Raul had to split.

Have you ever spent time in Boston?

We have been completely cornered.

I almost died a year and a half ago.

Let's hit the town tonight and have some fun.

Can you take me to Manolis?

This spring, I plan to start taking Mondays off.

During one session of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, an average of eight laws are adopted.

It's not normally like this.


He likes traveling and so do I.

Do you really think you can do that by yourself?

My new girlfriend is Chinese.

It was me who was supposed to do this.

By morning the clouds had lifted and the whole length of the Himalayas lay before us in all its splendor.

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Don lives near a beach, so he goes swimming almost every day in the summer.

Bit by bit, he could attract her with his behaviour.

I prefer to die than to do that.


Lenora was unsure which way to go.

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Her beauty was blemished by the scar.


Kristin's mother's very impressed with Win's new boyfriend, Sri.

Did she really kill her husband?

Are you still hungry?

How many yellow flowers are there there?

How do I explain that to Angela?

A leopard never changes his spots.

I think we have time for a drink or two.

Check your dictionary.

I didn't want to leave before the work was completed.


Don't you like it?

I want to have it all.

I signaled the car to go slow.

I appreciate your offer.

I'm really happy I did that.

Send it to the address I gave you.

I asked Mason if he knew Miriamne.

Men get their growth before they are thirty.

What's your opinion about the linguistic policy of the European Union?


Don't you see Svante?

I'll check on him.

He would not agree to our proposal.

He remained a poor man.

Get a job.

Full religious freedom is assured to all people.

You've got the idea.

Did you phone Jem?

I don't have to go right away.

There was a lot to eat.

It's time to get started with the Christmas shopping.


Who needs a drink?

James thinks that Bonnie is afraid of snakes.

When I came home, my little sister was playing the guitar.

The man washing the car is Mr Jones.

I won't forgive her.

Manavendra wanted to ask Jacobson a lot of questions.

The man tried to catch hold of me by the collar.


I hear about that the network is very popular now.

It doesn't look like water.

I think I could handle that.

A long thread is easily entangled.

Marty can be quite persuasive.


Shutoku never learned how to drive.

I want to do this as quickly as I can.

Women, their treachery knows no limits.

I can't ensure that he will pass the examination.

I went to the grocery store.

Joanne does things at his own pace.

I don't know. Let me check.

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I told Myrick I had to leave early.

Do you know where Gideon and his friends went?

I used to go to plays at least once a week in London.

Read the kinds of books that you find interesting.

I'm going to meet them there.


Just give me one day.


You have some food in your teeth.

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He lost the greater part of his fortune in speculation.

Jesper explained his plan in detail.

I wonder if I could talk with you for a moment.

I've just finished eating breakfast.

I thought Niels did a great job.

What Novo has suggested is perhaps the easiest solution.

I'm not going to tell you anything.

Why did you bring them here?

He came to see me.


I'm a country boy now.

There's been a significant development in the case of the missing toddler.

I got dressed early, but the workmen have not yet arrived.


Images taken by the JAXA Earth observation satellite, 'Daichi'.


Since he was tired, he was sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed.

This is pseudoscience.

I know what you did last night.

It's just what happens.

We want Cecilia to help Duncan.

I'd like to visit Boston someday.

Skef is suffering from a bad headache.

Everyday life can get a bit monotonous at times.

Every Sunday, at exactly six in the morning, the priest opens the church doors and rings the bell.

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It looked like Jason was about to cry.


Each type of music means something.

She is very wise.

We've got to buy ourselves some time here.

You're new here, aren't you?

He cut the envelope open.

When I was young, I tried to read as many books as I could.

She blushed slightly.


I won't stop doing it!


I appreciated the opportunity.


I think we should talk.

I'll wait out here.

The dictator seized power in a military coup.


I know what to watch for.

I'm thinking of embarking on a new career.

He'll be back in two hours. In the meantime, let's prepare dinner.

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Where there are Muslims, there is oil; the opposite statement is false.

Harmon tried to get Danny to go to the park with him.

There are no doubts regarding his integrity.


The population of Osaka is larger than that of Kyoto.