I'm sick of being stuck at home.

Charlie was stunned.

She leaped for joy.

The hammer and sickle symbolizes communism.

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The army chief reported that the war was lost.

I can be there in 30 minutes.

The doctor says she suffers from rheumatism.

You can't have it back.

We were children at that time.

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She laughed to cover her fear.

We're going to have a party tonight.

There are important questions that have to be answered.

Call me whenever you want.

The content of that polyethylene bottle is cloudy and yellowish. Could it be urine?

This shop is open from 9am to 6pm.

These things constitute a balanced meal.

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Daddy passed gas.

She attributed her success to good luck.

I've never been to Lanzarote.


The teacher demonstrated many physics experiments.


Green is associated with grass.


Rodger held Nici tightly.

You're hilarious.

If you don't want to stay alone, I can keep you company.


Please proceed with caution.

They saw it, too.

Donald looks really bored.

Will he eat the whole cake?

I am going to check the work.


He needs a more productive outlet for his anger.

Well, what are we waiting for?

Where did you get on this bus?

I don't find a formula.

I liked your hair before you got straight bangs.


Are you drinking ouzo or pastis?

We demand justice.

I'm not jealous of him.


Coffee does harm to your stomach.

Man is not the enemy of man but through the medium of a false system of government.

I don't remember what I was looking for.

What a beautiful sunrise it is!

I never really thought I'd get married.

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The new labourer was buggered by smoko.


You certainly understand.


Bill is not tall like you.


Who sent me a wire?

I hired them.

The doctor advised me to drink more milk.

I'm afraid that she'll refuse my request.

While Pseudo and Co. wage their war on the new site, I've been happily posting here, and reaping a few green orbs for it. During the times that I didn't get green orbs, for example on short comments that I never wanted to get rated anyway, I chose to stay quiet about it not because I want to show that I'm emotionally strong, or being the bigger man or anything. Of course I get upset about it. I like green! Their cyan-and-lower ratings not only bring down my average, but also look ugly on my green-themed posts. Basically, it rustles my jimmies by more than a little bit. Before, as some of you know, I might have started to complain about I don't want my comments to get rated when it's something trivial. Yet I choose not to reply because I know that what I have to say will likely be met with hostility, based on my experience with Fig Hunters.

Vikings 1 and 2 became the first space probes to successfully land on the surface of Mars.

We stopped for food.

Srinivasan wanted to take a shower.

We'll never get them to agree.

The kite went upward.

You'll never see me back here again.

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I'm all alone now.


Nobody was good enough for Straka.

Timo didn't know how to cope with the problem.

Imogen of the Internet has dyed her hair all 216 web-safe colors at some point in her life. She is a natural #663300.


I helped my father water the flowers.

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The mother took her child in her arms.

I'll see you at the restaurant.

In China's agricultural and industrial areas, some people are still very poor.

My aim is to be a doctor.

It's not subjective.


She reconciled with her friend.

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Jimmy was cheerful.

Who should we believe?

Miriamne sometimes wears a hat.


Please have my baggage brought to the station.

How can it be that mathematics, being after all a product of human thought independent of experience, is so admirably adapted to the objects of reality?

Alexander didn't seem happy.

Do not drink beer before going to bed.

There lived an old couple in the woods.

From what I understand, those who watch Korean soap operas basically are women with nothing to do.

Reader, I married him.

I tried my best.

We often play cards on Sunday.

I need to leave.

Change buses at that stop.

It is impossible that he is busy.

He couldn't attend the meeting because he was sick.

It doesn't concern you.

A drop of sweat ran down his nose.

Kids will be kids.

I've seen Becky dance many times.

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They just want to sell papers.

You'd better not do that again.

Yolks are yellow.

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Cristina is usually very quiet, isn't he?


Since I cannot speak about Laura's entire life, I will speak about my own experiences with him.

Have you ever considered majoring in economics at college?

We're too weak.


Sanand is wearing a Red Cross button.

"Now we're here!" "Enough! I'm going to talk to Ganon! Hey, Ganon! Ganon? ...Ganon!" "Silence! You dare?!" "...GANON!" "What?!" "I have a present for you: a bomb!"

Don't you think Jane takes after her father?

You've wasted my time.

Have you decided already?

To cut a long story short, he was fired.

It's good fun.

The plural of 'person' is 'people', not 'persons'.

When she entered the ball-room, in her wondrous dress of moon-beams, she looked so lovely, so different from all the other guests, that everyone wondered who she was, and no one could tell where she had come from.

Let's take a break for a change.

What did you expect to happen?

We should build something.

I'm so happy.

Oh please, you chickened out at every opportunity. Not only that, but did you ever think about the consequences of you being oblivious to her, what that must have done to her self-esteem?

Prices rose drastically as a result of this policy.

An atom's dimensions are extremely small.

This clock must have belonged to Robin's father.

You can't be a woman.

He is kind at heart.

Give me half a kilo of apples.

They claim that all their products are friendly to the environment.

Richard eats rice at least once a day.

Why should we do what Becky says we should do?

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I had an interesting day today.


Don't tell anyone we've done this.

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It is very cold this morning.

You are a creep.

I already sold that.

He has distorted my speech.

Just tell them I called.

Russian salad is made with potatoes, olives, tuna, and other vegetables.

I'd like some more bread, please.

Except Barack Obama, all US presidents were white.

Don't worry about it. It's no big deal.


Have you ever heard the saying: "Lying leads to thieving?"

Paola won't be able to become a policeman.

Believe those who are seeking truth and doubt those who have found it.

Did you find the umbrella you said you'd lost the other day?

Watching movies is very interesting.

Romain knew what Ricky was going to say.

I think we shouldn't have gotten married.

The sons sorrowfully buried their mother.

It's a superstorm.

I have to use English all day.

How many years have you lived here?

Are you in pain now?

She has quite a lot of clothes.

I would like to exchange this watch with a cheaper one.

We don't live in a perfect world.

The lawyer will try to show that her client is innocent.

I hope we can figure this out.

I've just now finished doing my French homework.

I'll visit you every other Monday.


That's not a choice you have.

How do they come up with these names?

I don't like him very much. To tell you the truth, I hate him.

Stop what you're doing and come home.

I was the one who suggested it.

Izumi didn't speak French very well.

Darren knows all about Florian's personal problems.

I have to help her.

The firm publishes educational books.

"Lost?" - "Yes..." - "Frightened?" - "Yes." - "Confused?" - "Yes!" - "Good! Ahahahaha!"

The Earth is a small but beautiful planet.


Ronni has got a plan.

Marek has left already.

Tell me what you really think of me.

She did the book up in paper.

I wish I could speak French like you.


It's impossible to see Rome in a day.

Do they know that we know?

You can't get out that way.


The soldier carried on as if his wound was nothing.