Shut that bloody door!

Geoff asked Sassan to sing, but she didn't want to.

Of all the languages I've studied, French was the easiest.

Nikolai identifies as queer.

You don't want to make Steven mad, do you?

It has been more than 3 years since I got married.

Keep an eye on Kazuhiro, will you?

It's not about them.


Judy doesn't usually stay up late at night.

No one's going to find her.

Seymour has tried every sport except swimming.

No one agreed with Roberta.

It's strange that Ken doesn't agree with us.


I no longer want to hurt anyone.

I think it looks cool.

Tell Laurel the rest of the news.

Let's see if Jos can stay away.

He's an author.

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Music is wonderful for the soul.


She likes short skirts.

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Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world.

From which city are Marco and Maria? Maria and Marco are from Rome.

Has the train been delayed?

He spoke to the point.

The light went on.

The pain in my stomach has gone.

Toft has a voracious appetite.

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Mat sat across the table from Beverly.


What is it you do again?


I think about what the leaving had.

Which is bigger, Japan or Britain?

Is it true that Boston is a popular destination for tourists?

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Mr Umemura teaches us English.

Warren is being truthful, isn't he?

I need you to talk to Roxie.

He is the fastest runner in our class.

Everybody hates him.

This morning I ate french fries with sour cream.

I was born and raised right here.

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His proposal has been watered down.

It appears that my mother knows the fact.

Is he back already?

Last year I met a pretty Swedish dancer.

What will we do if it rains?

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Matthieu has been avoiding me.

Congratulations to all!

I asked many people for help, but so far I haven't had any luck.

Because he's working alone today, it's taking him longer to finish the job.

A lifetime is short, but feels long.

Debi glared at Ozan with hatred and disgust.

The trouble lay in the engine.

Heather said we'd get lost.

Your principles are not consistent with your actions.


Is this umbrella yours?

You won't make it, not even in your dreams.

This train calls at all stations to Wimbledon.

Terri is a handsome man, apparently in his thirties.

They say that an eggplant has lots of nicotine.


This play has ended.

His experiments came to a standstill.

What else could I say?

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How do we find it?

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The competition is fierce.

The teacher pointed out several mistakes in my English composition.

Don't contradict me.

I'll be back in touch soon.

Where's Daddy?

Herbert is afraid to go out after dark, isn't he?

The average woman is taller than I am.

I think about him often.

Pandora wanted to know where it happened.

I'm opening the window so I can enjoy the fresh air.

She has never forgotten those rules.

There is no going out on such a cold day.

Is it raining?

We are leaving this country for good.

Drink your medicine at the prescribed intervals.

Why don't you answer your dad?

Now, my young man, jump out the window!

Leon uses a potter's wheel.

Win couldn't tell from Jones's reaction how she felt about what he had said to her.

Most public places are simply not geared to people with disabilities.

Do you know how much this means to me?


The victory was dearly won.

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He gave me a promise to come here at five.


Do you happen to know Marcos?

The boy crammed all his clothes into the bag.

Sho went on a picnic with Butler's family.

The product carries a high price tag.

I'm in the kitchen.

So what's your point?

I am not in the least happy.


He isn't able to do that.


Rogue doesn't realize what Kirk wants from him.

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For a moment, Miltos's guard was down.

Do you have classes with Rupert?

What has it been like to watch China change so drastically in the last 10-15 years?

We traveled together.

My brother isn't waiting for the bus, he's going by foot.

A guy entered a bar, but he got hit by a bar with a chocolate bar on it.

This experiment was unsuccessful.

This and no more.

Is it true that Mann and Elric are dating?


I've been waiting for the bus for half an hour.

Is this drinking water?

John is waiting for Lucy, but the train has already left.

She begged him to stay.

I know you well enough to know that you didn't really want to go out with Danielle.

Have you been having problems with Conrad?

On a day like this, I don't feel like going outside.

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Carl bought Takao something to eat.

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In my job I have to deal with all kinds of people.

It was Geoffrey.

What time do you think it is? Where have you been out so late?

I want to go out tonight.

I'm just worried about you.


Hey, I said I was sorry.

It's highly improbable.

The walls are made from drywall.

He grumbled about the way they treated him.

My hair refuses to sort out this morning.

It's all or nothing.

She kissed her little daughter on the forehead, blessed her, and shortly after died.

The Japanese government can't cope with the problem.

I think we should call him.

Let's try doing this again.

If Stacey would eat less, he'd be healthier.

To those who meditate the feet of God,who neither has desire nor aversion, evil shall never come.

You forgot my birthday.

I'll talk with you when you're not busy.

We know you're Celeste's friend.

We are a conservative people.

Napoleon's life was a great drama.

I'm the tallest in our class.

I'm for it.

What do carnations smell like?

How well she plays the piano!


Though some have been claiming ownership of extraterrestrial land, to include the Moon, are these claims bona fide?

Can I park my car here?

Jeff seems to know where she is.

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I see them quite often.

I know what a stapler is.

You're going to like her.

I think Sanjib understands that if he wants my help, all he needs to do is ask for it.

You're being irrational.

What's your impression, doctor?

The courts administer the law.


Mikey's dog licked his hand.


Pierce announced the agreement Monday.


Stacey got along with everybody.

What does that sound like to you?

Where did you tow them?


How much time do you spend watching TV?


Nobody saw her steal the book.


Heart of Darkness raises important questions about imperialism, as well as racism.

The orphan was fostered by the wealthy man.

I can't imagine what you've been through.


I put the used syringes in a can for safe disposal.

Yes, don't worry!

We were so close to getting it done.

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They opposed any further spread of slavery.

She dazzles everybody with her wit.

I didn't mean to tempt you.


The president was nice, and replied to my letter.