Anthony Delprete

Web Developer - Orlando, FL

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About Me

Graduated From UCF in 2013 with a Computer Science degree. Enjoy learning about Web development both professionally and as a hobby. I'm an avid movie buff and gamer but I also like to stay active by riding my bike around the city and playing basketball on the weekends.

What I have to offer

Back-End Development

4+ years of professional Full Stack Python/Django Development. 2+ years of Django REST experience

Front-End Development

1+ years of Angular.js experience. Firm grasp on DOM manipulation with HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Tools Used

Experienced with Agile, sprint based development using Atlassian products.

Personal Projects


Website I created to keep track of stats for Pick Up Basketball games played at UCF.

When plays are entered for a game the site will automatically calculate the stats for each player that played. From this info, seasonal leaderboards are created where anything from simple stats (Points, Rebounds and Turnovers) to advanced stats(Assisted Points and Offensive Possessions) can be viewed.

Python/Django used on the back-end, while Bootstrap takes care of the front-end. Nginx is used as its Webserver, running on a debian virtual server. Currently being converted to an Angular.js single-paged app.


My first project with Django. Oscar Pool Hub is a site where users can create and organize oscar office pools with their friends.

The site used to be named Office Pool Hub and had pools related to Survivor, NFL, and the March Madness tournament but I decided to cut those out and focus on making the best pool site for Oscar pools.

Django-registration library was used to make user registration an easy process and Stripe is used for receiving payments. Bootstrap was used to make up the sites front-end along with the basics HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

The Leonard Maltin Game

An android app where players must guess the name of a movie based on clues pulled from reviews by film critic Leonard Maltin.

Game idea originated from the podcast Doug Loves Movies. I converted the idea into a mobile app so that my friends and I could play.

Taught myself how to program for android using the official Android docs. Had a great time going outside of my comfort zone of web development and working on something totally different.

Even though I finished it, I unfortunately was never given permission to release it.