Lorien doesn't often admit that he's wrong.

I refuse to be afraid.

We reached the poor soul we had to help.

That's why Fay is still there.

Luke was merry.

I guess I shouldn't have done that.


He's begun to look for a job.

They wake up at six every morning.

My father didn't eat much fruit.


It's kind of hot, isn't it?

Jennie and Saify have a teenage daughter.

He had to spend the night at his sister's.

Hold on, please.

Such things are often accidental rather than malicious.

I have two or three calls lined up for today.

It is advisable to take the train.

What genres of music are you into?

Which dessert should he eat?


Can you park here?


Karl posed as a technician to enter the restricted area.

We were ecstatic.

Doctors removed the bullet.

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What is your totem animal?

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What's your favorite thing in the whole world?

Dan didn't even let Linda collect her clothes.

Update your software.

Anthony died in a boating accident.

This single mother works two jobs just to be able to pay the rent and feed her children.

She was not interested in boys at all.

He used to bully his friends.

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Come and join us.


Swing music was a new form of jazz.


This is a long pencil.

The boy pressed his face against the shop window.

I don't like this cartoon.


Don't let anyone hear you say that again.

There is a direct flight from Tokyo to London.

Have a good weekend.

The French government made a 35-hour workweek mandatory in 2000.

I want you to stay with them.


Please tell us the rest of the story.

I don't really know how it happened.

Their proposal is out of the question.

If I had money, I'd buy a computer.

Ti stripped off his clothes and got into the bathtub.

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Lar arrived in Boston on Monday.

That's not OK.

We've been in contact.


Running the store is becoming a burden to him.


I can't believe Sanity and Skip used to date each other.


Why wasn't that in the report?


We have not received a letter from him so far.

Young people are organizing in meetings.

I told him you already knew.

Klaudia slept through most of his classes in high school.

He was almost petrified with terror.

Kazuko really takes after her sister.

What's making that noise?


Dan rescued the shop assistant and tried to put out the fire.

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I don't like his rude manner.

Even though I have studied English at school for the past six years, I'm still not good at speaking it.

I swim here every morning.


That's an even more waste of time.

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I'm going to play tennis tomorrow.

Vice doesn't look too dangerous to me.

Elsa wanted to talk to Murray about something.

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Martin hit a home run with bases loaded.

In Nagoya summers a fan is essential to help stay cool.

Duncan is not much older than Sergeant's daughter.


Every year my family visits Italy.


I've turned off most of the lights to save power.

Huey and Cristi never eat together.

I'll be right there, Eduardo.

I'm going to the square.

Jochen, I want to talk to you.

Money freed him.

I talked about the international brotherhood of painters.


Mosur woke up in the night with a burning pain in the middle of his chest.

Tony is a shy and reserved young man.

What exactly did you say?

Lucius is showing a great deal of concern over her husband's long absence.

Maybe all of these photos should have been thrown away.

Have a wonderful day.

Do you have enough time to do that?


He left an immense fortune to his children.

No one would hurt them.

Jelske didn't exactly agree with me.


You've done it right.


Winter is my favourite season.

He will often sit and look at the sea for hours.

Maximum length: 200 words.

The mountain has a beautiful shape.

Your daughter overheard us talking.


More modern buildings are safer than older ones.

Part has just been told that he's been fired.

I've got to stay a little longer.

I believe that he's trustworthy.

Does Moe have to do his homework now?

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You wore me down.

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What is literature?

I couldn't take your place.

The prices are subject to change without notice.

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Loyd and Murthy's little girl is starting to take her first tentative steps.

You get one guess.

I like to do everything for myself.

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Why would I need one?

I'm not expecting you to help us.

Edgar started to get a little bored.

Hello, is there anybody there?

The U. N. moved to impose sanctions.

Narendra said he found something under the couch.

Ronni returned to his hometown to visit his parents during the summer break.

I don't think the birds "know" they ought to space themselves out evenly.

Please deliver this to Wilson in person.

A faultless plan is stifling, isn't it.

I always meant to give this back to you.

Lori wanted to know why Joel was absent.

Jem became a police officer.

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The best way to master English composition is to keep a diary in English.

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Cars in Boston and factories in Beijing are melting the ice caps in the Arctic, shrinking coastlines in the Atlantic, and bringing drought to farms from Kansas to Kenya.

I ate an apple before I went for a walk.

Please translate this sentence into Japanese.

I was there early so that I might get a good seat.

The level of unbridled misogyny at the barbershop made me feel as if I had stepped back in time.

I've got a question for you.

What to do about it is still a problem.

I drop off my children at school every morning before going to work.

The shopping festival that everyone had been waiting for starts today. Because of this, the security force has thoroughly checked their plan to protect the safety of those attending for any flaws.

I will drink the tea.

This thing is necessary to extirpate the evil of the world.

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She's not a good person.

Get me another lawyer.

A man is sitting in his kitchen.

My nerdy friend said it's dangerous to mix muriatic acid and bleach.

It's possible he will spend more time in Hainan.

It's no big secret that Harmon stepped out on his wife every chance he got.

Dawson hated his parents.

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What a lovely doll!


Griff often goes to Boston on business.

Come here. I need to tell you something.

It has become evident that this is a very favorable factor for our project, which aims precisely at creating a network of translations in as many languages as possible in joint work.

Spudboy looks just like his father.

Are you going in costume this year?

I don't remember saying that.

Poverty sometimes drives people to commit crimes.


You'd better take this.

I had a rough night.

Don't let him near my kids.


The boy walked through the puddles.

Too much knowledge makes the head bald.

I thought Glenn was the best singer on stage tonight.

I ignored it.

Are you with someone?

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I'm not surprised by this.

Jayant poured everyone a drink.

A part of me died with you, but you live inside me forever.

Dale wasted our time reporting a lot of irrelevant details.

To whom it may concern:

I felt refreshed after showering.

I take my camera wherever I go.