You'll do it yourself.

That's what makes you so special.

Isaac Newton was an English physicist.


I hope you're enjoying your stay here.

Hasten slowly, and without losing heart, put your work twenty times upon the anvil.

Watch where you're going.

Denis was absent from school yesterday.

Darren closed his textbook.


Are you scared now?

They're coming to our house. We aren't going to their house.

Timo cheated on the history exam.

Sometimes a clear path can solve the problem.

She works as an office trainee.


I have never seen anyone like her.

Checks should be made payable to the ABC Company.

I just needed to tell someone.

He was not a good politician.

Niels is a magician.

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Are you following the World Cup?

Now he'll be out of our hair!

A man of sense would be ashamed of such behavior.

Holly became aware of someone in the room.

The flights were cancelled.

You should bring her to dinner so we can get to know her better.

Who is the gentleman all dressed in black?

Ima felt a little nauseated.

When you get on the highway, shift into fifth gear.


She walked about in search of the dress.


Leisure has been viewed as a means to an end.

She often takes advantage of his ignorance.

Must be nice...

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Sadness never ends, hapiness do.

I spent the rest of the night besides her.

There were a lot of young couples in the park.


Starbuck may not remember us.

We haven't seen you in the past four years.

Yesterday we went into a huge maze.

Be careful not to wake her up.

Does Max want to go to the zoo with us?


"Bad hair day".


It only goes as far as Main Street, but you can get the Number 31 there.


Whatever you may say, I will not change my opinion.


I am drinking milk.

Do penguins live in the Arctic?

He blamed the accident on me.


When Jarmo visited Fritz unannounced, she opened the door with no makeup on and her hair in rollers.

I'm sure something will work out for you.

She forgot a name.

He is very learned.

If you'd prefer, we can speak French.

The closure of the factory was a tough pill to swallow to the town's residents.

Let's see if we can solve that mystery.


The problem is that they only think about themselves.

There's orange juice in the refrigerator.

What would you say if I told you I was quitting?

He lost the sight of one eye in a traffic accident.

Why is that a bad idea?


Shai and Sharan are sitting on the porch drinking coffee.


Did you really get it for free?

He dropped the sausage on the ground.

Dalton has finally arrived.


Tell her I'm coming right over.

I can't forget her softness.

I guess Linder didn't get around to painting the barn last summer.

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It is not always easy to face reality.

May I have the floor?

I must cook breakfast for her.

Why would that inconvenience me?

If only I had married another man.

That's why I cannot agree with you.

Are you seriously thinking about changing your name to Rafik?

The worker is carrying sand with a shovel.

Albert wants updates.

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I find him very easy to talk to.

By tomorrow, we'll know who won the elections.

Rupert's trying to make the impossible possible.

That's a lot of cash.

Whether it may be hard or not, I must do it.


The stadium was packed with excited spectators.

Everything was pretty equal.

What's everybody laughing about?

Myron told Ami not to be late again.

I'm resigning.

He's not special.

That isn't right.

My sister is engaged in social work.

I shed a tear when I saw the tear in my dress.

A cup of tea, please.

Cathryn wasn't surprised where he found the lost child.

Esperanto is a good language because people from different countries can talk to each other through it.

I thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

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What exactly is that supposed to mean?


Did Blake drown?

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I found the key I was looking for.

You should get your car fixed.

The wintry weather lasted long into April the year before last.

The most difficult part is still to be done.

The wind sounds scary, like screaming ghosts.

I admit it. I was wrong.

All the citizens of the city have access to the city library.

If she continues to live with a man she doesn't love for his money, the day will come when she will despair and be in dire straits.

She had a real talent for smoothing over troubled situations.

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He has spent most of his working life as a diplomat.

This is where the historic battle is said to have taken place.

How much do you usually drink?

Try as you may, you will never get him to agree.

I don't have all night.

They were satisfied with the result.

He should have bought some pencils.

The scandal robbed him of a chance to become President.

Nicholas is sweating.

I was born in Australia.

Steen hasn't got any fight left in him.

God damn it, what the hell is wrong with you?

She hurried back from England.

Suddenly, the clouds darkened the sky.

I had hardly waited a minute when he came.

How do you find food in outer space?

It's a big room.

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Do you have a similar saying in Japanese?

Negotiations are still going on.

It is easy to answer the question.

It's backwards compatible.

He pressed his face against the shop window.

He likes taking a walk by himself.

I cannot recall when he moved to Boston.

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Milo thought about what Seymour had said.


Tears flowed unabated from my eyes.

That was the deal.

I am aware, and aware that I am aware, and aware that I am aware that I am aware ...

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Joni's not at all happy with the situation, but is prepared to accept it.


Pablo is still a young man.


We often express our emotions nonverbally.


The armed forces succeeded in occupying the entire territory.

There's something I want you to see.

You should choose a strong password!


Jim can read Japanese.

"Valerie must be wondering what's taking so long." "I'll go reassure him."

Eileen Collins was born in Elmira, New York in 1956.


Butler avoided making eye contact.

A water shortage causes a lot of inconvenience.

You must clean your room.

Let's meet at 2:30.

I took off my coat.

I suppose you want to ask me why I didn't go to your party last night.

My clock is two minutes fast.

I must go out.

In the cold light of day, Andrea could see that he should have handled things differently.

I hate the sound that cellophane makes when you crinkle it.

We'll be there waiting for you.

Long before Darwin's theory of evolution, Buffon had surmised that species evolved very slowly under different material circumstances.

These days I am very busy.


He is on the point of death.

Mwa wondered what it was.

The office was small but it had a view of the city.


She just cleaned her room.

You can't talk about politics here.


Who'd like ice cream?

Are you saying Kylo was one of them?

I will look after your child this evening.

Lincoln and Douglas talked for two hours.

There is no way to go there.

Rik looks quite uncomfortable.