He's stronger than you.

This bus will take you to the museum.

He predicted it.

Mongo was later deported.

Please tell me how to get to the bank.

She sat up late waiting for her son to come home.

Once, Zhuangzi dreamed he was a butterfly, but when he woke up, he wasn't sure whether he was Zhuangzi who had dreamed being a butterfly or if he was a butterfly now dreaming he was Zhuangzi.

I believe that's a bad sign.

I didn't realize Margie was married.

I've asked you not to do that.


I don't want to live the rest of my life with a woman that I can respect but can't love.


I can't let him go alone.


The park is nice and comfortable.

You can come to visit me, as long as you promise to behave well.

Do you have a timetable?

I saw you outside.

You're wrong, Rob.

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He will cast me a bone to pick.


I do not believe in the God of theology who rewards good and punishes evil.

With Jean, Ninja felt like a queen.

Look at the picture which he painted.

He was seated all alone.

That's not the sort I'm looking for.


Is that better?


There is almost no violence in that city.

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Robert stood by himself next to the lamppost.

We didn't agree to anything!

I'll pray for you.

Grace is scared.

Emil will join a beginners course in Udmurt.

I'm not afraid of him anymore.

We'll wait for Syun in the lobby.

Misery and sorrow accompany war.

Stop gossiping.


I won't come because I'm sick.

This morning I got up an hour earlier than usual.

Ric hoped Naoto could help him.

I never advised you to break up with Myron.

Do you really think Vassos was flirting with me?

I have a comfortable house.

Have you been told when to come?

The house was raided by the police.

Christian seems to hardly ever get his homework done on time.

Your favorite singer is Whitney Houston, right?

She is the love of my life.

I have a huge sailboat.

Damn, the elephants are blocking my way!

What a failure!

I'm really surprised you got a prize.

Don't you know Mr. Brown?

No creature whatsoever can live in space.


I had to attend a meeting so I couldn't make it in time to pick Piotr up after school.


Hillary isn't very sociable.

Why don't you try to get up earlier tomorrow?

Lend a hand with these parcels, please.


Did you see which way Anatole went?

I'll go see what I can find out.

Cats are the top threat to wildlife. They already are responsible for the global extinction of thirty three species and kill billions of wild birds and mammals each year.

This is what I like about you.

She has some faults, but I love her none the less.


A book, like a landscape, is a state of consciousness varying with readers.

I worked really hard on this.

You opened the cages.


He's the most popular boy in the class.

Outside of him, no one else came to the party.

We don't know what happened.

My room is three times as large as yours.

She does not have a ticket.

I can't let Sandra keep doing that.

Hal was liked by everybody.

The woman was lying dead in an almost fetal position.

That pretty girl is my sister.


I need you here tomorrow.


What is the voltage?

She sent me a letter.

How old are you and how much do you weigh?

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She made a list.

We make men's and women's clothing.

Jianyun doesn't know anything about electronics.

He loves you all.

He patted his brother on the shoulder.

Mechael seemed to have thought so.

That's a nice shade of blue.


He grabbed the machine-gun and shot at the police car.

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I want one ticket for 'Three Bigs'.


They did not like the way he gave orders to everyone.

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The leaders of the two countries refused to meet halfway.

He wants to pay off his debts.

Everyone knows everyone else.


Son withdrew some money from his bank account.

I married him against my will.

In asking voters to approve the new tax, the President appealed to reason.

Scientists are keeping a close watch on conditions in the Arctic.

I don't think there's any point in discussing this with Wes.

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Belinda was killed in a car crash last year in Boston.

My father left me a large fortune.

I always kept my promises.

This is the last call for Flight 333 to Boston.

I hate you so much.

The tree roots have burst through the cement at several points along the sidewalk.

I can't come up with a plan right now.


I'm ready to leave whenever you are.

I went back to my hometown for the first time in ten years.

I'm waiting for a letter from Pratt.

You sure are good in English. Go ahead, speak in English!

The chairs were spaced out two feet apart.

Why don't you both shut up?

The scenery was breathtaking.

We're all human.

Everyone's out.

A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.

Jerrie says Milner is cute.

Do not copy-paste sentences from elsewhere.

I knew that he was an artist, but I didn't know that he was good.


Don't spend too much money.

Why do I have to work with them?

Music is an important part of my life.

It was there for the taking.

Leave her alone.

Due to the snow, the train was delayed.

I would have liked that Emmett succeeded.

Daryl hoped the rain would stop before he had to walk home.

This pilaf tastes great!

That's too personal.

Strangely, I seldom see her.

I pushed one.

I stepped on something and cut my foot.


They saw Srivatsan through the trouble.

Why does everyone think that I'm stupid?

The rumor turned out true.

There was more than enough food.

It could rain tonight.

Lisa speaks not only English but also French.

Rob causes me a lot of trouble.

Maybe I'll be able to speak fluently in a month's time.

Father came home about ten minutes ago.

Her name was wrongly spelled.

Martyn saw Pratapwant driving John's new car.

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Pontus scares everybody.

It's not you, it's me!

We really want to help Sedovic.

Why did you challenge them?

Why are you frowning?

I love the taste when I bite into a juicy peach.

I consulted her.


I want you to meet her.

I don't think you did a very thorough job.

I'm absolutely certain of it.

Jisheng can't stop it.

She's getting on all right.

Why is Joseph hiding from Beverly?

I never want to feel like this again.

I corrected even the smallest details.

The President says we must beef up our military forces.


It is difficult to find work.

Have you guys seen them?

We need to get there early to bag a seat in the front row.

I'm not allowed to go there.

Dani is uneasy.

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I'm sure you've met Sumitro.


One of the people I know in real life was trying to come up with a glove to increase your brain's functionality in taste, touch etc. I told him he was nuts but he still thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread!

I want to take him with me.

I've done a lot of stupid things in my life.

Are we on time?

What's your favorite kind of movie to watch?

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Give me your best food.


We go to see her twice a day.