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Flame AD is a leading and dependable Digital Media Selling Company, having number one sites/portals in their respective categories, in its Network. The brief induction of portals is presented below:

The split and breakdown of above numbers among various sites of FAN is given below:

The 69% of returning audience proves the authenticity of the Network. This audience consists of 37 million Returning Sessions which are generated by 13.4 million Unique Returning Users. FAN has a tremendous presence on Mobile phones, which is the future of Internet media. The desktops are phasing out very quickly from the industry and Mobiles are taking over the market. Over 45 million Mobile Sessions are furnished by 17.7 million Unique Mobile Users. The breakdown of these numbers is depicted below.

FAN Selling Flexibility & Creative Adaptability

FAN provides flexibility in choice when it comes to media selling. The agency and advertisers have full liberty to choose either the whole network or any specific site which enjoys relevancy with their prestigious brands and marry with your target audience.

The FAN offers wide variety of rich media and special format banners to deal with the needs of the advertisers. The brand teams have great advertising opportunity to deliver their creative message using latest technology. These formats include simple polite banners to sophisticated and state-of-the-art Dynamic banners which create high impact on viewers and eventually loft the imagery of your dignified brands.

FAN Portfolio

All the leading agencies and advertisers have been advertising on our FAN sites to engage the audience to meet their specific campaign objectives and achieving their desired KPI.

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