The idea was a success.

All you have to do is wash the dish.

Dimitry heard you.

It seemed that they were telling a lie.


We very often only come to appreciate someone or our relationship with them when we lose them.

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She was late once again.


Jeremy is behind in his rent.

The configuration file of your database server is located in this directory.

Had she been alive, my mother would have given me a hand then.


I don't know how, but Kris did it.

I know it would be useless to try to convince Wilmer to do that.

We need to change your bandage.

I'm an avid reader of biographies.

I just can't get along with Jesper.

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She's six years older than I am.

I wish you could've met him.

It is a silly practice for non-Christians to send chocolates on St. Valentine's Day.

We haven't seen Olof since yesterday.

I don't want to waste a moment more.

Our friendship remained firm.

A Mr Smith came to see you during your absence.


The gossip hurt his reputation.

Olson asked Takayuki for her telephone number.

Who told him?

I think Morton should go home.

What was done to you doesn't excuse what you did.

Sumitro is at church right now.

Vincenzo said he was aching all over.

She bore him four children.

Let me say that again.

I couldn't believe what was happening.

How much is this tie?

Wall Street has too many bulls and not enough bears.

They won't be needing that.

I see a girl.

What was his surprise and his joy when, on looking himself over, he saw that he was no longer a marionette, but that he had become a real live boy!

Since 1990, eleven female students received the award.

You're not invited to lunch.

That's what my mom keeps telling me.

What should we do to celebrate?


I love no other man more deeply than him.

Did you enjoy it?

Ritchey was very embarrassed.

I think you will have done all the work soon.

I'm sure Dawn will turn up eventually.


Moore and Gil were snuggled up together watching TV when John knocked on the door.


He has strong bones and teeth.

Let's take a walk on the beach.

I know it'll be a great game.

Take Jerrie upstairs.

We need an itemized receipt.

I just have a couple of questions.

I found peace in this little village.

Rayan will find Randal.

Nobody was ready for what happened.

Nhan and Kit have a daughter.

They decided to get married next month.


Set the cake out on the table.

He lit the candles.

Don't let the children play on this street.

I wish I could've played better.

We know you've got plenty to say.

I'm walking with a girl in the garden.

He dropped his books on the floor.

She was loved by everybody in the village.

When do owls sleep?


I don't want you there next week.

I can fight my own battles.

I didn't know that I had to do that.


Poland ceased to exist as a nation for 120 years.


I'm not Hon's slave.


I can't decide what to order.

A person usually has two reasons for doing something: a good reason and the real reason.

He raised a problem.

Russell bought some condoms.

Scott is about to fall asleep.

How do you know Sir didn't do what he was supposed to do?

I like this film.

The light came back on.

I tried thinking about why it was that I didn't trust him.

Shane is going back to Boston.

Leon did it perfectly the first time.

I need your help with something.

I like all sorts of paintings.

Is that what happened with him?

Sho is still a prisoner.


I wish I had studied French when I was in high school.

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She married him for the sake of his family name.

Don't make any decisions tonight.

No matter what I do, I can't make Hughes laugh.


Recently, I've been having trouble sleeping.

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Hsi isn't the kind of man who would do that kind of thing.

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I still can't remember what I'm supposed to do.

All the old journals have been sold.

Tricia found Charles fascinating.

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Set cooking time for 1 minute 45 seconds.

The sound became fainter and fainter, till at last it disappeared.

I feel a bit depressed.


I'm busy with my homework.

You should not leave the baby alone.

It was an easy choice.


Leaves lay thick in the lane.

Thank God, they finally arrived.

This dress is YOU.

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Stop speaking in riddles.

40 dollars for seven days.

Bernard doesn't want to see anything today.

He woke up to find himself lying on a bench in the park.

You must know that I snore.

He totally freaked out.

Why don't you put on some clothes?

Is that a llama?

Lori wanted Amedeo to study French.

Nowadays, the majority of European countries is ruled by social democrats, but there is a noticeable increase of right-wing extremism.

I'm not sleeping well currently and now have rings under the eyes.


I forgot my purse.


Could you page someone for me?

I need help putting stamps on these envelopes.

Dani never listens to anyone.

Her skin was white as milk and she had not a single blemish anywhere.

I admired Curtis.

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I used to cry a lot.


In music or speaking, a pause is frequently used for dramatic effect.

Oliver ran down the road as naked as a jaybird.

I'm always ready.


You interest me very much, Mr. Watson.


Ricardo was satisfied with the results.

I'll stay here a whole month.

I learned to tie my shoelaces by myself at the age of five.

I don't have anything to declare.

He has more money than can be spent.

When I entered the room, I found a dog.

We didn't add pictures to our album.

I'd like to discuss the following at the meeting.

I have no objection to your opinion.

Marvin and Lindsey were also in the car.

Philippe should apologize to Werner.

There are many misleading news articles nowadays.

I think it's good.

Her father warned her: "Don't speak to him".

We exchanged pleasantries, and chatted cordially about news in the team, and he moved the conversation naturally on to the main topic.

The poor man finally became a great artist.

That made me angry.

Ti tried to make amends and apologize to Kikki.

I prefer comedy to tragedy.

If it were not for books, life would be boring.

Can I do it again?


How are you going to catch them?


I had no idea it was going to do that!

I'm here to pick him up.

What city has the most danger?

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We need to begin.

Those Hungarian girls are very pretty.

Their support for him cooled.

We saw the children playing.

It is easy to get the cranky man's goat by teasing him.

Whosoever shall kill the king will be punished with death.

Will it be sunny tomorrow?


The white poplar was uprooted.

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Moran said that I could spend the night at his place.

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Marcel isn't a bad kid.

I wish it wasn't so hot.

I think it's time for me to get a bit of exercise.


She thinks I'm a stupid drunk.