I'm afraid I won't be able to make it for our luncheon appointment.

I feel uncomfortable with those people.

It was tough going during the exams.

I've probably already said too much.

I was surprised when I saw Kyu hit Warren.

I believe it's time to wake up Robert.

The king is dead, long live the king!

You think he's cute, don't you?

He died of honorable dysentery.

There are no girls in our class.

Can you give me a minute?

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I would like to return it to you for replacement.

I knew exactly what to look for.

Jayesh got angry with us.


This isn't good.


The baby must be taken good care of.

He left the company on account of personal reasons.

The truth is too simple, one can only go there by way of the complex.


Don't you even think of eating my chocolate!

Eva burst out laughing when he saw Avery dancing a jig.

Kate Middleton is now the duchess of Cambridge.

There was nothing left in the refrigerator.

I'll manage it.


A special taskforce managed to catch a suicide terrorist downtown, prior to him carrying out his evil plan.

Victoria said the soup was too hot.

He's a very romantic boyfriend who brings me flowers each night.

We've already prepared for the millennium bug.

Is that good or bad for Norm?

They walked inside.

How many barbers work in that barbershop?

We know Cynthia.

What was his answer?


I went for a walk early in the morning.

Why is the bus late?

Matthieu's answer was quick and to the point.


I've got it all figured out.


Can you tell me what happened?

I'm only human.

Atheists will get their comeuppance on Judgment Day.

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It was when he was a child that he came to Japan.

Marian told us this morning that he and Hiroyuki were moving to Boston.

I haven't heard from him of late. I hope he is not sick.

Stop talking about yourself.

Which period of history are you studying?

I have to make a call.

It's impossible to tell for certain.

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That's what you should say.

Nobody respects my country.

I would've told you, but Darci made me promise not to tell.

Have you wondered why Kristin doesn't come here anymore?

It's not as bad as all that!

You've taught me a lot.

I don't like having to make excuses for you.

My friend vanished into thin air.

Emotions are contagious.

Jerry is going to be OK.

How can you be so stupid?


The price of this camera is exorbitant.

Pia calls me every day.

Is that a bottle opener?


I've had a high fever for three days.

It is quite strange that she should say so.

How's my dad doing?

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You're afraid of Ro, aren't you?


Marlena is almost the same height as you.

Again and again; you still haven't changed at all.

I'm going to write Herbert a note.


How much is the fine for speeding?


Do you sometimes give your sister money?


What is your citizenship status?


He decided to enter the room.


We can't afford to be choosy now.

If it's not broken, don't fix it.

It was Gretchen's idea, not mine. Don't blame me.


Molly picked up the towel and folded it.

You realize Juan lives in Boston now, right?

I believed you.


You know I didn't mean that.


Arabs persecute me.


What passion cannot music raise and quell?


Nothing has been decided yet.

A computer is a modern device.

I'm eighty-three years old.


Harvey tried to forget his love sorrow by playing the piano.

Success is dependent on your effort.

She drew a circle on a piece of paper with a pencil.

In 1983 Chandra was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the physical processes involved in the structure and evolution of stars.

Rodger never liked Marion very much.

The students were animated by the agitator's appeal.

Marko has a dog. His dog is very small.


You may as well not keep a dog at all as leave it to someone else.

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Myrick stayed there a couple of days.


They understood what we meant in the end.

When was the last time you went hunting?

We obeyed the rules.

I feel like going out with her.

This should be clear to everyone.

I can't speak for James.

He enjoys wine sometimes, but mostly he drinks whisky.

Matthias seems unbothered.

Stop sniveling, Orville.

You're an inspiration to us all.

We'll resume the meeting after tea.


I have a feeling Johnnie is lying.


Noise pollution could be avoided if only people were more sensitive to the environment.

Even the experts took the painting for a genuine Rembrandt.

No one's working.

Let me finish, OK?

Bad people are at the helm of the nation.

President McKinley sent an immediate answer.

You may rely on it that Lord will be early.

What's Pontus's story?

What makes a good journalist?

Richard is no longer afraid.

The ring was not to be found anywhere.


Donn got paid today.


I'm a little shook up.

I should try to help them.

Do we represent you?


Only he read the letter.

I have to bathe the cat today.

Petr regrets what he did.

Hy tried to sound casual.

A taxi drew up at the main gate.

When a country is well governed, poverty and a mean condition are things to be ashamed of. When a country is ill governed, riches and honor are things to be ashamed of.

Can you stay around for a while?

I didn't donate blood.

It was Diana's idea to try it this way.

She is an appalling cook.

She is proud of never having been late for school.

The doctor visits her every other day.

I asked Kikki if he needed money.


Kyle came to my office today.

You shouldn't read magazines that are harmful to you.

Linder looks rather nervous.

He lamented his hard fate.

This place is perfect.

Your screams frightened me.

I translate what I want!

He was utterly perplexed.

Michael is a male name and Michelle is a female name.

I have visited Sapporo several times on business.

How many people are still there?

He is watching TV now.

The Foreign Minister said that war was inevitable.

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I went to school at 8:30.

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Spudboy rushed down the corridor.

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Memories came flooding back when Sal found some photos from his childhood in an old box in the attic.


It's better to be poor and in good health than rich and ill.

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Say something about this.

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That's the only thing we could be certain of!

You yourself should know

Hello, I'm Halil.

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Who looks after the children?

I'm sure he'll leave early.

Your phone is bugged.

These salted bonito guts are too salty for me.

That will change nothing.