The safest and most advanced method of removing cheaters.

Ending cheating once and for all.

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Why Xyliase?

Xyliase is made on the basis of C# in order to ensure the most effective tool on the current market. We idolize speed over everything especially when it comes to our service. Xyliase runs a series of 4 checks ranging from scanning processes such as javaw and explorer to scanning through several mods at a time. Not to mention, we also capitalize on the fact that clients nowadays are poorly made and as a result leave many traces behind. We as a company ensure our client the most accurate results possible as we live and breath to ensure that cheating is put to an end.

It’s only with your help that we can make the ultimate difference, so stand by us as we invest our time into saving your network.


Xyliase makes screen-sharing a lot easier while constantly detecting cheaters.
Allows anyone to be good at screen-sharing. Lacking time? Xyliase was created in order to minimize the amount of time needed to screen-share.
We validate our players in the most effective meaning possible as we take all measures to ensure a situation is handled correctly.

Simple Interface. Great Design.

Xyliase provides an extremely user-friendly interface as we value both performance and the quality of our service. Above all, we provide a simple, yet complex feel that is easily manageable as well as consistently being improved on.


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Ready to end cheating once and for all?