God died. We killed him.

I'm the boss, aren't I?

Juliane wanted to feel needed.

Glad to meet you!

This morning, I saw an angel.

You've been coming home early lately, haven't you?

Can you guess what type of restaurant it was?

It just goes on forever.

She graduated from high school last year.

I'm sorry I couldn't meet you at the airport.

I'm still on duty.

I'm not going to disappear.


The President's attempts to bring in stricter gun control laws have been thwarted time and time again by the powerful gun lobby.

A car is on the street.

Did I make the team?

I killed Valerie in self-defense.

Lois never agrees with Rajiv.

We know about her.

Merry Spring Festival!

Let's go out and have some fun tonight.

Nothing has been overlooked.


I hope Ken and Sonny change their minds.

Can't you hear the sound?

The brothers were born twelve years apart.

You are guilty of murder.

He isn't back yet. He may have had an accident.


It is probable that she will come.

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Elric accelerated.

Hsi didn't get up early this morning.

It's still in good condition.


"Let him be jealous if he pleases!" "So what?"

Both spellings are correct.

God's tired of loving us.

I take full responsibility.

Is this one of your creations?

You ought to know that.

Record the serial number in the space provided below.

Maybe it was a cat.

I am learning Chinese.

Anyone wanna come around?

Hi, Mimi! How are you doing?


It's worth the risk.


It's a shame the way he internalizes homophobia.

Prakash seemed to be in no hurry.

You will go to school.

You look exactly like him.

The level of the river rose little by little.

There are people who talk just because they have a mouth.

Are you going to eat that cupcake?


You have to read it between the lines.


I don't ever want you to do that again.

How much of a discount did you get?

Is the university's library open now?

Kirk and Gil finally decided to get divorced.

She stayed there for a short while.

She insisted that it was my fault.

I'm much younger than you.

The youngest boy dropped behind the other tourists.

It's going to be perfect.


I never actually wanted a car.

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Since I can't be with you, I send you a kiss.

That's not quite right. It's even completely wrong in many cases.

I found holes here and there.

I'll tell her you're here.

It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of education.

Jerome sat down next to someone he didn't know.

Why do you need this?

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This glass of beer is almost bigger than you.

Try a 50 minute mock examination, and know just how good you really are.

She couldn't come on account of being busy.

Different countries import many goods.

The floor is yours.

I do hope Courtney gets better.

Jerald is perfect, isn't he?


I say this from my heart.

I plan to stay in Boston for three days.

Raghu was a teacher.


I'm sorry you had to do that.

We season with salt.

When taking a polygraph test can you be telling the truth and because you are nervous it shows that it's a lie?

Don't you recognize Carisa?

All of them agreed to the proposal.

Dan was subdued by the police before he could light a match and set himself on fire.

I have a flat tire.

It's the capital above all that makes the mores of people; it's Paris that makes the French.

Tell Lloyd yourself.

Both cases were dismissed.

Mathematics is not just the memorization of formulas.

When you travel abroad, you feel very expansive, and it's easy to overspend in a mood like that.

His annual income is larger than that his brother's.

How could you allow this?

Discussions are going on.


Lay the table!

Beauty without goodness is worth nothing.

It looks like a Michelangelo painting.

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We hate Gale as much as you do.

It looks like no one's home.

There is the same amount of medicine in these two bottles.

You never admitted you were wrong.

I think you should do what Dennis tells you to do.


I'll tell him you helped out.


Do you think that would really help?

Lui couldn't do what Jim asked him to do.

We are working hard to make up for lost time.


Why was it in your car?

Ravindranath got shot in the back.

Thank you very much for the interview and the time you have given to us.

You're all a bunch of losers.

I'll stay with them.

You need to come outside.

Stagger wants to stay here.

It's very nutritious.

Life would be so much better if you didn't care so much.

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Come to see me at any time tomorrow afternoon.

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We're having a party this evening.


My heavens, what an enormous box!

We'll deal with this problem in Chapter 3.

My wife went on a two-day trip.


Don't give up hope, Art.


Fortunately, Lila did not get seriously hurt.

He took a glance at the girl.

What do you call this animal in Japanese?

I know you're pretty interested in Charleen.

Manjeri didn't know what to do with it.

Klingon has to be the most useless language.

We don't have a pool.

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The farm includes 160 acres.

Korean is a puzzling language to learn, isn't it?

It's not my policy to kiss on the first date.

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They built it.

What is hell like?

My uncle is from Madagascar. He is Madagascan.

I'll put it back where it belongs.

I made that for them.

I had quite a busy day today.

The rain turned the road into a quagmire.

I don't know how to make you happy.

We don't control anything.


He is rich but he is none the happier for his wealth.

Many Republicans did not vote for their own candidate.

My dream is to be the First Lady.

Nikolai was just a prototype.

Have you written all the New Year's cards already?


My mother always puts my sister before me.

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Glenn, you're already drunk and it's only five!

I admire his talent.

I didn't think Greg was your type.

Must I reserve a ticket a long time in advance?

All three of my brothers are now somewhere in Boston.

Delbert got on the plane.

Maurice doesn't eat red meat.

Jarmo gave Eric the cold shoulder.

Laurie sat on the chair.

Leung wasn't expecting anyone.

She is not such a girl as you imagine.

Can we talk now?

We always help each other out.

You weren't here then.

That didn't help very much.

Kim's room is ready.

The table groaned with food.

My mother and father are sending me to Boston for the summer to visit my cousins.

Tragedies happen every day.

The use of a condom during vaginal and anal intercourse and in oral sex is the best preventive measure.

Just tell me where you are.


Oh, hello. It's quite hot today really!


I hope Barney doesn't go to Boston with Evan.

Valencia is famous for its unusual architecture.

I think this book has never been translated into French.