Raised kerbs at bus stops should be mandatory.

I wanted to believe Ilya was happy.

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Hunter honked the horn.

I'm inclined to believe him.

What are you doing in your life?


She was dressed all in black.

Could you check the tires?

Hy is a self-employed plumber.

Don't do things by halves.

He listened with his ear to the door.

You are the last person I would have expected to see here.

Do not judge so that you will not be judged.

He was attacked as he was returning home late at night.

I found the missing piece of your necklace.

Astonishment deprived me of speech.

I should've stayed at home.

They fight like an old married couple.

We are not angels.

I reprimanded him for his insolence.

She made jam from the apples.


I don't need a lecture.


I'm starting to like such roles.

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Myrick should be back any second.

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You say the sweetest things.

When did they leave?

The pin pierced his finger and it began to bleed.

Each of us read the book in turn.

He is at his office.

The dog followed me.

She watched the dead, falling leaves.

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This is so confusing.

Francois looked beautiful last night.

I ordered frogs and noodles.


Jane filled out an application.

I hear Marek stole a car.

He didn't wash for a week.

I grew up here in Boston.

I can't stand it any longer. Turn that music off. It's driving me crazy.

Cathy grabbed a knife, an onion and a chopping board.

I'm just waiting for her.

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I enjoy being with him.

I bought it a month ago.

I'll wash the dishes once again.

Hsuan is vicious.

Where do you think Jwahar bought his motorcycle?

Murthy had almost forgotten.

It wasn't on purpose.

I'm not sure I can be there by 2:30.

We went to a dance last Friday.

When will they start logging?

The line isn't moving.

Sylvan won a gold medal.

Is it true that you and Romain were engaged?

Patrick knew that Shadow was in danger.

Tatoeba: We've got sentences older than you.

Mott won't forgive you.

To hear him talk, you might take him for a girl.

Germany is like my second home.

Michelle can play the drums.

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He was not quick enough.

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The condition of the patient turned for the better.

We're going to take it slow.

You've made Phil angry.

The boy knows how to disassemble the toy.

Fried spiders are a regional delicacy in Cambodia.

You're exhausted.

Naim wanted to give you a surprise party, but I knew you'd hate it, so I told him not to.

It is, however, apposite to note that this process will continue in the year ahead.

I tried to cheer him up.

It's nice to be rid of him!

I'm sorry, Samuel. I can't do it.

The police chased the stolen car.

It was a challenge.

I don't like dirty jokes.

I believe he is not guilty of the crime.


These children are neglected by their parents.

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Why don't you go help her?

Can you account for your whereabouts on the night of the murder?

Cristopher didn't get on the train.

To change the subject.

Cliff put the guitar case down so he could hug Eileen.

Who canceled?

Heidi looks preoccupied.


The stock market crash of October 1987 in New York is still vividly remembered.


There are three intelligent species on the planet.


Smoking can cause breast cancer.

There didn't seem to be a problem.

I had hardly waited a minute when he came.

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I've got a provisional licence.


That's how he discovered the comet.


There goes a wonderful coach over there.


I didn't know you liked baseball.

I'd be worried if I were you.

Many famous people are behind the movement.


I waited and waited.


Randal doesn't seem upset.

You should have come a little earlier.

Hear me out, please.

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No matter who comes, don't open the door.

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I'm going to lunch.


Brent hugged Geoff from behind.

I want the work done quickly.

That was great advice.

Emma didn't expect anything from Jim.

I don't think it's right.

'Now you must have no more kisses!' said she, 'else I should kiss thee to death.'

As time went on, I came to doubt that that was everything I needed to know.

Feel the burn!

I wish I could have spoken Spanish.


I'll rinse your mouth out with soap!

Marian will notify us if that happens.

So far no less than 100 people have died of the plague.


Do we really want Celeste to know how much money you make?


I've done what I can for them.

The train has been delayed.

Kate got some money from her father.

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They are Hungary-born.


They are more active at night.

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We accomplished some good things.

I've actually discussed that with Suresh.

Clem never told me he used to live in Boston.

Jon had his phone pressed to his ear.

You must be sad as you have lost one of your friends.

Somebody ought to talk to her.

I live near the sea so I often go to the beach.

She was in the hospital for six weeks because of her illness.

Michelle just showed up.

What if she's wrong?

I think it's by the Chuo Line.

I'm sure Vishal wasn't surprised.

Finally, the bell rang.


Lois says he'll be sticking around for a few days.

You've been good to us.

No one was listening.

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Hsuan is my patient.

Her anger gave way to sorrow.

How do you explain it?


He does not speak many languages.

We cannot depend on this report.

I wouldn't want to see Omar get hurt.


For every ten m.p.h of speed you should allow one car-length of space between you and the car in front.

How much longer do you expect me to wait for you?

She did not show up at the party yesterday.


Burning with anger, she slapped him.


This is really cool.

They're interviewing her.

We didn't need to take those risks.

What do you think this is for?

I don't get that many opportunities to talk with native speakers.

I don't want to tell you the truth.

That cost us a lot.

Honey, I know the budget is tight, but do you think we could splurge a bit and have a night out at a fancy restaurant this weekend?

I discharged one of my servants.


Naim never was very interesting.

Did you see the eclipse yesterday?

Your computer is completely unprotected.

She's trying to commit suicide.

Do you have internet access at home?

I did that without asking for anyone's advice.

She decided to come with us.

Why are you always complaining?

Try to be polite.