A Single Platform for Sales & Diligence

Increase sales with connected data and decrease wait-time on diligence. Combine searches across data silos to discover business identity based on facts.

Sales & Marketing

Snap Diligence has more coverage for business registration, liens, and litigation. Our connection ability helps your team generate qualified leads. Quickly identify and engage high quality targets.

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Vendor Vetting & KYC

Snap Diligence matches data from the state repositories for business registration and liens to county and district level court filings. The data is reliable for meeting compliance regulations such as KYC controls.

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Snap Diligence is an easy-to-use advanced research platform that enables teams to identify leads, litigation trends, and lender and debtor relationships. Save search history and generate PDF reports.


Leverage Your Network

Identify connections to business owners, executives, and influencers in the Snap Diligence platform. Upload your customers, vendors, or other lists to apply our matching algorithms and see new connections.

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About Us

Snap Diligence is at the intersection of sales and diligence. Our research platform enables trust in commercial interaction.

Business Records + Litigation

Snap Diligence is the only platform that utilizes information from civil litigation records and Secretary of State Sources to build a profile for a business or related individual.

Authoritative Sources

Snap Diligence builds relationships and connections based on public sources that aren’t easily manipulated or gamed, unlike self-reported or social media-based systems.

Streamline Diligence

Remove the bottleneck from your diligence process by knowing more about potential partners, vendors, or clients faster with the Snap Diligence research platform.

Identify Latent Sales Opportunites

The Snap Diligence platform helps you determine new prospects by connecting related entities and identifying relationships among decision makers.

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Access the full-featured research platform now.

Snap Insight

Your go-to resource for everything from business identity and civil litigation to RegTech, FinTech and blockchain.

Sales Prospecting in Your Own Backyard


Some things in sales never change, like having a way to get your foot in the door.  The one thing that has changed is that cold-calling may not be a viable option anymore, given that […]

Snap Diligence Sales Opportunities

Sales Prospecting – Identify Additional Business Entities Using Public Records

Latent Opportunities A latent opportunity refers to the network of other businesses and affiliates within your customer base that have yet to be discovered. Often, a business owner may be involved in multiple businesses as […]


David Grimes

David Grimes

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Dorothy Filippov

Dorothy Filippov


Q & A

Got a deeper question? (262) 485-7943 We’re happy to help.

Do I have to select which data I want to search?

NO! The Snap Diligence research platform searches all states, all counties, all courts and all businesses with just one search. Make us prove it.

What is a combined search?

Search for a person or business to find additional records that may be of interest. A combined search at Snap Diligence is a search for your target, skipper, or prospect across all of our datasets. We have cleaned and matched Secretary of State records, UCC data (Uniform Commercial Code), and civil court records to reveal a true business identity. The PDF report shows the results from all our datasets in one unified report.

How much are additional PDF reports?

Additional PDF reports generated from our combined search across Secretary of State records, UCC data (Uniform Commercial Code), and civil court records cost $19.00 each.

What does a PDF report include?

A Snap Diligence report includes associated business entities, adversaries through litigation, associates through litigation, and connections between companies. Contact us for a sample of one our comprehensive, unified reports or (940) 616-1680

Which states are covered in your SoS and UCC data?

Texas, Florida, and Arizona. California, Nevada, and Colorado are in testing. Alaska, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming are all on deck.

What are civil court records?

When we say civil court records, we mean civil litigation filed in county courts, district courts, state courts of appeal, and state supreme courts. These courts are where 97% of civil litigation happens and we have more coverage than any other business profile provider.

Which counties are covered in your court data?

We cover over 70% of Texas, over 75% of Florida, and over 80% of California. That’s more coverage than any other business profile provider or legal research platform.

How can I get help?

Contact our Support Team anytime. We’re happy to help.

Can I see a demo?

Yes! We’d be happy to schedule an in-person demo. Just contact us at sales@snapdiligence.com. You can also check out our videos or (855) 797-8114

Do you have criminal records?

No, we don’t show criminal records. Snap Diligence shows civil litigation records as well as connections and relationships between that litigation and the companies and people involved.