Unfortunately, the soup is only warm.

You are in Boston.

This pen is a real bargain at such a low price.

Taxis stood in a rank in front of the station.

Gary and Michiel talked about everything under the sun.

We are changing our clothes.

We put the skis on the top of our car.

For a prohibition being accepted with respect, its cause should be logical and clear.

I say that all the time.

I thought I was dreaming.

The Cyrillic alphabet takes up more space than the Latin one.

You only have to touch the button.

Unfortunately this book is difficult to find.

There's more cloud today than yesterday.

We have all the information we need.

A doctor told me that eating eggs was bad for me.


She attained her success through hard work.

You're not doing so well.

How far away is the airport?


Put your hands flat on the table.

Why can't I just have a normal boyfriend? Why?! Just a regular boyfriend who doesn't go nuts on me!

He was better off when he was young.


The question itself is fundamentally wrong.

I don't want to.

She grew up to be a great scientist.

This microscope magnifies objects by 100 times.

She needs to lower her standards.

I'm inclined to agree with her.

I am satisfied with my life in college to a certain extent.

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Maybe we can talk about that later.

She resides in New York.

Sekar lives in Cairo.

You'll have to attend the ceremony whether you are free or busy.

I was on the bus.

I'm not going to be able to finish this before 2:30.

I became acquainted with your dad yesterday.

There is a good chance that taxes will increase.

I'm glad you're not dead.

Gene and Allan split up after being married for three years.

Beauty in China was associated with wealth.


We had arranged to meet at 10, but, even now, I have had any contact from them at all. You don't think they got into an accident somewhere or something?

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That's thieves' cant.

Prove it by experiment.

Esperanto is the language of love.

Whichever Brown do you mean?

I think you lied to me.

I thought that would work.

It was nice of you to come all the way.

We canoed downstream.

I ate too much last night.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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This is a book about public policy.

I'm happy with what I've got.

The article is genuine.

He has a very dense beard.

Can you see her?

It's like a dream come true.

Do you like my friend?

We do the best we can.

Are you sure you want to live together with me?

Ed put on some music.

At which hour they are starting?

The things that you learn do not get lost.

I wouldn't ever want to cross him.

You deserve a raise.

Either you or I will get the first prize.

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Olson did some work for our company a few years ago.

Kamel celebrated his fortieth the other day, without fanfare or trumpets.

The students receive the loudest cheers.

I thought that Laurence could speak French.

The dictator abused his privileges to his heart's content.

I prefer interesting movies.

Jinny castrated the calves.


I'm Azerbaijani.

If you paid attention, you'd be worried too.

A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

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Jim ate three apples and said he could eat as many again.

I am very much attached to this old straw hat.

Elric felt around the floor on his hands and knees, trying to find Leif's earring.

I know what you did to her.

When does school let out for Christmas?

The police were forced to break into the apartment through the window.

Please stop there.

Are you here to see Susumu?

The Senate passed the bill yesterday.

Meeks doesn't feel like working this morning.

The morning sunshine is so bright that I can't look at it.


The national flag of the USA is called the Stars and Stripes.

Let's acquaint her with our decision immediately.

The worst song in Eurovision came in first and the best came second to last. How stupid!


He refused to admit it.


Lawrence was a biker.

It gets quite hot here in the summer.

He really likes going to the theater.

Leo couldn't stay silent any longer.

How could you have been so stupid?


We are boiling water.

I promise never to do that again.

If you don't want to be here, you don't have to stay.

Shame on you, Jong.

You need sleep as much as I do.

Books are to the mind what food is to the body.

This joke was long overdue to be translated.


It cost me 3,000 yen to buy the record.


It takes a long time to convert.

Both brothers were there.

We're up to the challenge.

There's a homicidal maniac on the loose!

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

What are you going to do about them?

A fleeting glimpse of eternity.

Endometritis is a disease where bacteria enter the uterus and cause inflammation of the inner membrane.

We had a good deal of snow last winter.

I'll be there Monday.

They are the coolest of the cool.


Leif never should have eaten those oysters.

Call and tell Ray we're running late.

How much thinner do you want to be?

I'm ready to respond.

These are the people who saw the explosion.

Thanks for doing that for them.

Could I help you with something?


Alexander wants to be an engineer.

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Let's dispense with formalities.

What are your favorite languages?

He is like his father.

The hostess couldn't possibly put up with his arrogance.

After all is said and done, he was a first-rate novelist.

She took my hand.

Why would anybody kidnap her?


She kept the dining room warm in the winter.

He is responsible for the accident.

Rod wanted to travel.

Who stabbed you?

Kristian is the name of my swart warthog.


Lucifer just wants us to be quiet.

This rich man is greedy.

He walked on appearing to disregard the prostitute.


I'll make this up to you.

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All you can do is trust in someone.


You should stop playing.


I hope that doesn't happen.


He's scared shitless.


Love is not what you think.

Her son was killed in the accident.

This is a song which is popular now.

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Are they going to have a boy or a girl?

Hi! What is the purpose of your visit in America, sir?

I can't imagine living in a world without electricity.


I graduated three years ago.


You need to apologize to her.

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I think you should talk to Robert now.

Let's decide with a coin toss.

His condition has got steadily better.


I had bags of energy.


The leveret runs in the steppe.

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Nobody wanted to believe Edmund.

Max made up his mind to ask Mahesh to marry him.

The sky is covered with clouds.

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I wouldn't do it if I were you.

Crows often fish through garbage.

All I want is what's mine.

We passed by the door of a certain unfurnished room.

Even though he lives in the United States, Rebecca can't speak English.