By the year 2020, the population of this city will have doubled.

Vidhyanath will die soon.

The clock is ticking.

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Take a closer look.

Ramesh is still at the library.

I told Lucius never to do that again.

This will not please Daddy.

Kay promised me something would be done.


Being young means you have to go to school.

Does that mean you want to break up?

It was very interesting.

Your left leg has been amputated.

Understanding how plugins may work in C will help us understand how to implement cross-language plugins in the future.

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I never meet her without thinking of her dead mother.

An interesting record is still preserved of the inhuman cruelties which were inflicted on this admirable young woman in the secret of the prison house where no eye pitied her and where no friendly hand composed her aching limbs.

I told them to come early.

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She's a total recluse.

Keep digging.

I know where the key is.

My cat scratched me.

The law has gone through parliament.

Play that song again.

There are also fish that fly.

Has Marsha always been fat?

What do you usually do on Mondays?

You deal with it.

He is a handsome man.

Safety fears have been a problem since Chernobyl in nineteen nighty six.

He worked as an interrogator at Guantanamo.

I already said yes.

We'll help you look for Roxane.


Inhale, and God approaches you. Hold the inhalation, and God remains with you. Exhale, and you approach God. Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God.

Emily cares about her beauty.

Please take him with you.

I found your cap.

We hurt them.

I am free all afternoon on February 27.

How do you stand this heat?


How long will we have to wait?

How long have you and Barrett been roommates?

My heart beats fast each time I see her.

I don't remember how I fixed it.

The plastic surgeon botched the facelift and was sued for millions.

Business took him there.

The criminal became a Christian and turned over a new leaf.

When is this supposed to happen?

Jerome almost kissed Ted, but decided not to.

I'm not racist, but I just don't like those people.

All her motions were graceful.

Isn't that what we anticipated?

I'm not as tall as you.


Take one only.

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I'm only bringing in a plant.

We were nearly frozen to death.

I know what love is.

Maybe it's not fair.

There's no way.

Claudio has been missing for three days.

I see the point of the argument.


You need a friend.

Do you have a hunting license?

I missed you a lot yesterday!

Eli read the German translation.

It will be reported when he is coming to Japan.

He waved me away.

Everybody loves Lego.


The Argentine president said that diabetes is a disease of people with high purchasing power.

I've never been so humiliated in my entire life.

They're happy.

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Are you well prepared for today's exam?

It's a beautiful old medieval town!

There's something here that Mark should see.


Do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Varda is one of my closest friends.

The word processor has saved me much time.

They couldn't kill her.

What is he going to do?

Ranjit couldn't talk very well.

Michel is really a great guy.

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This road will lead you to the park.

I know he'll agree.

You can go wherever you want to go.

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Isn't there anything we can do to help Darryl?

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Antonella swore.

I got up at seven.

Can you please pour me some more wine?

Australians don't need motivation to drink beer, it comes natural.

Why are you talking bad about me?

We've already waited too long.

Scot ate half of my sandwich.

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We couldn't stop him from hitting her.


To begin with, she is too young.

I've been in this business a long time.

Don't count on her.

I'm afraid there's nothing anyone can do.

Can you move this desk by yourself?

You're the one who gathered the information.

The weather was miserable yesterday.

I think I may vomit.

I was going to have cake for dessert, but I changed my mind.


You're the prettiest girl in town.

Jordan made a lot of money.

It's not pertinent.

The thief entered the house at the back door by the open window.

I pay them well.


Vilhelm did all that he could.


Wait here. I'll return shortly.

Will this change things?

He's a complete joke.

There weren't many passengers on the bus.

"How many times have you eaten at that restaurant?" "Too many to remember!"

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Oh, woe is me!

May we smoke during the break?

Natraj sells shoes.

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I left Boston a long time ago.


The news broke his heart.

It was a little embarrassing.

I met an old man near the station.

I will leave tomorrow, in any event.

Can this gadget replace a human heart?


They looked really happy.

Turn off the TV.

We've got them.

Someone's gotta do it.

Luc doesn't seem to understand me.


These are the rules.

I forgave the boy for stealing the money from the safe.

That can't possibly be true.


Easter is just around the corner.

My work is almost finished.

You're very religious, aren't you?

Education should not be a burden on the parents as well as on the children.

Watch her.


Christian and Prakash have been too busy fighting to notice how much they actually like each other.


Monty doesn't have to hide.

We've got to find a new babysitter.

I don't think Werner was kidding about that.

Chemistry is a marvelous science.

Tuan crouched down next to Ranjit.


Kristen is not a busy man.

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I know that you're the editor of a popular scientific magazine.

Not to brag, but I just made my first billion dollars yesterday.

The radio is too loud.

What a good thing you say!

I want the whole world to have the opportunity to be able to do what it wants.

You should try to see things from the practical point of view.

Shouldn't you be getting dressed?


Learn Uyghur!


Did you think I wouldn't notice?

The bat flees the light.

That sounds awesome.

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The driver told us to be careful when we got off the bus.

Thank you for before.

The lock itself is a normal cylinder lock so it doesn't automatically lock when you shut the door.

This will hardly convince anyone.

Did you get robbed?

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Do you like her?


The plan is under discussion.

Please give this to her.

Who do you think that man is?

A stitch in time saves nine.

According to statistics, world population is on the rise.

It won't be long before my husband comes back.

Don't poke fun at foreigners.