Aren't you going to eat anything?

It seems my clock is slightly off.

His death was broadcast all over the world.

Are you sure this is Pete's room?

They were nice.

I'll pray for them.

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Marco can't afford to buy a new car.


Either the well was very deep, or she fell very slowly, for she had plenty of time as she went down to look about her, and to wonder what was going to happen next. First, she tried to look down and make out what she was coming to, but it was too dark to see anything: then she looked at the sides of the well, and noticed that they were filled with cupboards and book-shelves: here and there she saw maps and pictures hung upon pegs. She took down a jar from one of the shelves as she passed; it was labelled "ORANGE MARMALADE," but to her great disappointment it was empty: she did not like to drop the jar for fear of killing somebody underneath, so managed to put it into one of the cupboards as she fell past it.

My report is due tomorrow.

Come over here and give me a kiss.

Where was the police?

He was itching for a ticket to the concert.


Neal opened a comic book and started to read.

I think we could've done more to help Lynne.

They said they were leaving.

The initials USA stand for the United States of America.

Who was the telephone invented by?


This is the perfect place.


Why did she do that?

Do you think Martyn lied to us?

I think I need a little more time.

I understand that they are a thorn in the eyes of people like you, but this is simply pathetic.

She made it clear that she wanted to go for a swim.

Dan is planning to rob a local bank.

They say that he knows the secret.

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Jeff had to pound the pavement for three months before he found a job.

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Andreas tried to convince Vincenzo to help him.

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You have to wait for the next bus.

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When everybody's crossing on a red, it's not so scary.

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Lucius certainly hasn't told Lewis yet.

According to the newspaper, it will rain today.

You could get hurt.

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You always get up early, don't you?


We'll catch Kyung.

I wonder what caused your computer to crash.

I always speak French with him.

Indra is almost done.

Reading books is interesting.


I'm the one who gave Emil his nickname.

How would you feel if your wife left you?

Jarvis knew that he wouldn't be able to get to school on time.

I expect Elliott won't swim.

David spent three weeks in the hospital.


Can't you and Murat stay a little longer?


I am reading Persian.

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The strange noise only lasted for about thirty seconds.


His words delivered her from her anxiety.


Please drive us to TECO (in HITC building Cau Giay Dist.)

I'm studying French.

We can't complain.

Please save my place.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Looks like the weather's gotten worse, eh?

I cannot stand that noise anymore.

The boy I saw searching through the garbage can said that he had not eaten anything for four days.

Her family considers suicide to be dishonorable and selfish.

Markus and I go to the same school.

I can't keep my coat on in this heat.


Perhaps you are right.

I jumped on the opportunity.

Irfan was panting.

Mat didn't have a ticket.

Harv and I grew up together.

He's lazy and vain.

Is it true that you aimed at an elephant and you missed it?


What is Tatoeba?

Vijay didn't seem to remember us.

We didn't come here for Sonny.

She acknowledged that my statement was true.

That's what I've been telling Jenine.

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Is Bob right?


Do you like the people leading the country?

I couldn't protect him.

Our teacher said to us, "Don't leave the room."

Bob and Socorrito both enjoy playing basketball.

Do you have a license to sell liquor?

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I didn't think this was your seat.

What time do you get up, Benedict?

This job eats money.


I hope you won't mind if I give you some advice.

No one wants to be a sucker.

I don't think we should wait any longer.


Woody is pleasant.

C'mon! English is easy!

His laziness is past the margin of endurance.

I wish myself dead.

What's wrong? Why are you crying?


I think about her a lot.

I like the colour green.

I want to play a game where a noble, female, knight with the nickname of light-speed freely manipulates gravity.


Carry the injured to the hospital.


The President says we must beef up our military forces.

Watch out for the sparks that are flying out of the fireplace!

It was confusing to me.

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I'm not able to have children.

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Spring will be late.

Jean has such a plaintive quality to his singing voice that even his happy songs sound sad.

Avoid each other's society.

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It's clear Rajarshi doesn't want to deal with it at this time.

Suu was on the floor.

Maglev trains require expensive infrastructure.

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The roses in the garden smell sweet.

Why don't you be quiet and listen?

We've got work to do.

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What would you have them do?


It would have been better not to say it.

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It is of no use to try to find him in the crowd.


Expect no mercy.

Kimberly was left with no other choice.

The federal budget was narrowly approved by Congress.


Your reply is wrong.

I told the children to be quiet, but they just kept on being noisy.

A man appeared at the site.


Small showers last long, but sudden storms are short.

It certainly feels like it's going to rain.

Isn't that worth some risk?

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My contractions last about forty-five seconds.


I would like to see Kylie Minogue.

It just kept getting worse and worse.

Tommy is upstairs resting.

Instead of taking notes, I spent the whole class doodling.

You're alone, aren't you?

Everything is well with us.

My stomach is often a bit upset after eating spicy food.

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Will you go to Boston with me?

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Now, I'll take your temperature.

I was never brave.

She was condemned to lead a miserable life.

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He's after me.

That child's mother is a director.

I hardly eat before lunch.

I broke a rib falling.

Congratulations on your anniversary.

The less I work, the less I want to work.

I'd like him to take me home.


I dreamed I had been abducted by aliens.

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Alice is sleeping in her room.

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It was truly depressing.

The perfect is the enemy of the good.

I saw some poor cats kicked out.

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I can't believe it's been more than a year.

A pinched sciatic nerve can be excruciatingly painful.

We had what Robbin wanted.

Have you decided yet?

A terrible thing happened.

I'd think it'd be fun.

Alain put his valuables in a safe.

I'm younger than her.

Chemistry isn't the only thing that stinks.

How is your sister?

I'll miss you guys.

I don't want to go shopping all alone.

I really like this team.