I walked the whole way to the station.

What language do you use with your parents?

Once or twice, I had a feeling of intense fear for which I could perceive no definite reason.

We'll drive.


The tuberculin reaction was pseudopositive.

I use Google every day.

It's really bad for your eyes.


I don't ever try to be sloppy. But I have to admit, I'm notorious for making unintentional typos.

The battery died.

I know this is my own fault.


We import coffee from Brazil.

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I know you feel lonely.

The plane crashed against the house.

You haven't done a very good job.

There was a great deal of snow last year.

Derek still isn't sure.

I'd like to see what's going on.

We have planted the garden.

I don't want to run into her.

I just bought a new pair of shoes.


Do I have to help Beckie?


Francisco has lost his car key.


She tried to screen her son from reality.


Did you actually see her?


I made it work.


Do not worry, Hiroshi, that in this life we all arrive where we need to be.


He is by nature a generous person.

My father is a proud man.

Tell us what you know about Ning.

You have an hour.

I figured that would make you laugh.

When I see this picture, I always think of the old days.

I like all sorts of paintings.

Earnie lives about thirty minutes from the airport.

This terrible monster was the Sphinx.

Have you ever played with Graham's dog?

Linder is frightened and confused.


Hello, how are you doing?

I was engaged to a man for five years.

I had a splitting headache.


The warnings were ignored.

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I needed to see them again.

They became very nervous.

I wasn't scared at all.

The death never surprises a wise man: it's always ready to cede.

Steel production is estimated to reach 100 million tons this year.

That request was ignored.

Cars took the place of bicycles.

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We have to finish this.

I would like to make an offering.

He tumbles down all the poor people's chimneys, and fills up the stockings to overflowing.

I was going to tell the truth.

What are you smirking about?


Shamim is watching.


Nobody told me.

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What have you done to him?

Once she starts talking, she is hard to stop.

The sandwiches are made right in front of you.


His child behaves well.

We are going to have to reserve them.

I'm really sorry about that.

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I think I'm going to turn in early.

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Please don't throw the bottle out the window.

There was no hope in sight.

I've never seen you before in my life.

Who's in control?

What did you really see?

Maybe I'm wrong.

The blueberries are defrosting on the table.

These are the facts. Think hard about them!

I asked him to do that.

This message turned out to be a little hard for me to write.

That's just crazy.

She started crying and I started crying too.

I'm not nervous around Griff.

I have something for you.

Mr. Yoshida never breaks his promise.

Sidney got soap in his eyes.

They hate secrets.


It then became apparent that he had answered off the top of his head.


That guy's really lazy. Every time that I go into his office, he's not there.

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Heinrich has called me many times this past week.

I had to earn your trust.

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.

He's financially dependent on his wife.

I can't explain what happened.

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How long does a relationship usually last in Brazil?

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There never was any real danger.

This house has six rooms.

I just did a test and it's a bit slow but working fine.

I'm in the backyard.

Maurice has accomplished a lot.

What's under the blanket?

I could kick myself for not bringing a map.


I've had a great time.

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I've never bought jewelry.


Dan punched Matt with a boxing glove.

"Who is he?" "A soldier that will fight."

I have a theory about her.

All the names are listed in alphabetical order.

I take sides with him.

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Can you please let me know the most suitable person in INF Co., Ltd?


Every imaginable means.

He's handsome and funny.

My sister got knocked up by a married man who's not going to leave his wife for her.

Did you hear President Dilma's speech?

Lisa's room needs to be cleaned again.

School has closed for the Christmas holidays.

It took just over three hours to get here.

This is the worst storm in ten years.

Pratapwant will be back eventually.

You must adapt to a variety of conditions.

What a cuss word!

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You're just making excuses.

The two hugged.

This painting by Rembrandt is a masterpiece.

Gorillas cannot use their lips and tongues to speak, but they can communicate with people in other ways.

I wouldn't want anyone to read my diary.


Srikanth never even saw us.


We'll be leaving now.


Who was here?

We haven't increased our prices.

George seems to be unwilling to tell Eddy what happened.

I hear you're a poker player.

What do you think if we buy mangos for lunch?

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Donovan was clearly skeptical.

We put up a good fight, but lost anyway.

My temperature was below thirty-seven degrees this morning.

Nobody suspected.

But he knew he had no choice.

Hey, your secret's safe with me.

Don't freak out.

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Go over the choices again.

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I told Jeffrey he should study harder.

The governor supports the bill.

A watermelon is full of water.

International disputes must be settled peacefully.

Can you teach me how to swim?

Let's talk a bit about that.

He has a lot of fear and doubt because people are always fooling him.


We'll consult Reinhard.


They set up a pole at the center of the circle.


Murray poured some milk into a saucer for his cat.

My friends invited me to supper.

I have some things I have to do.


The aroma of the flowers was the first thing Sarah noticed when she entered the greenhouse.

Perhaps I'd better go and see what's happened.

Don't listen to him!


Suyog knows something is wrong.

Kiki can't forgive himself for what he did to Johnnie.

I usually don't lie.

Kristian should be out of the hospital soon.

The child stood near the other children.

I think it was wrong.

Byron just kept yelling.

She is sensitive about her looks.

Mom is washing the dog because he's dirty.