Golden Roads Management

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Our Mission

At GoldenRoad Capital, our knowledge, skills and expertise are translated into developing successful investment strategies and long term partnerships with our clients. We are committed to having an understanding of with the equity/debt markets, stock trading, currency trading and crypto currency markets – to create dynamic and a diversified risk portfolio of asset growth vehicles, that are alpha class in the current industry. We out do the largest hedgefund in the world’s rates often by 5% or higher, including Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater’s which generated 14.5% in 2018.

We did well above 25%.

We offer our clients a wide range of small to medium sized investment strategies and services such as asset protection.

How we do our magic

Our growth strategy is as simple as it focused. We trade effeciently on technical indicators when the market is either oversold or overbought. We are also assisted by algorithms capable of predicting market movement correctly over large data sets. Additionnaly, we also keep in mind the bigger macro picture and strive to have a coherent strategy regardless of the direction of the market.

We recognise the power of algorithmic trading, and have developed our own system. However, we also recognise its dangers, which is why our system always has traders at the helm able to make the final decision before algorithmic trades execute any high risk, high value propositions.

We are also commited to innovation, and systematically test uncharted waters with new algorithms and trading strategies, albeit with smalls amount until reliability of returns has been established. A careful set of inhouse procedures ensures that we are always in the green, whether the market is up or down.

Our services

Asset Growth

Asset Protection


Our Team

Pierre GrolierChief Investement Officer

Mr. Grolier completed his M.A. at University of Kent in computer science in 2017. His thesis presented physical and intrinsic time-based strategies for algorithmic trading. He has recently completed his graduate diploma in information technology at Epitech. For the last few years, he has primarily focused on trading in the cryptocurrency market.

IrakliChief Trader

Mr. Irakli finished international business faculty in Georgian University. He also extensively studied fx trading both in Georgia and in the US. He has 15 years experience in business trading, and during that time he not only tested various trading strategies and indicators, but also maximized his success by studying naked charts

Promyth IusChief of Commuinications and R&D

Mr. Promythius specializes in development and client relations. He is expected to complete his MSc in Computer Science from the University of Kent in 2019/20. After completing a B.A. in sociology, and worked as a marketing consultant at AC Nielsen and Milward Brown in 2012-2014 before transitioning to programming and data science.