Selling products sometimes requires having a stroke of genius.

Oleg is turning thirty.

It seems to me that he is too careless.

How much does this book cost?


Gerard was bleeding heavily.

Joon is in better shape than me.

To tell the truth, he is not a human being.

Did Marika dream about going to Japan?

True philosophy is seeing things as they are.


My room is a pigsty.

A misfortune never comes alone.

The female student that sat in front of the teacher is from Germany.

Sandy burned the letters of her unfaithful lover.

Excitement over the new product spread quickly throughout the division.

I'm completely exhausted.

Why don't you ask Kyung?

I made another appointment.

Kevan is always hard at work.


One in three Americans believe that the sun goes round the earth!

She answers requests for information from Monday morning to Wednesday afternoon.

Let me handle it.


Morton is falling asleep.

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At first, he sounded very sincere.


Feed the bird!

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How many times an hour do the buses here leave?

You look very happy this morning.

I ache for a sight of the sea.


This family has been turning out lawyers generation after generation.

Jayant is from the same village that I'm from.

The wounded were transported with an ambulance.

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He took a step forward.

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When was the last time you looked at yourself in a mirror?


It's not appropriate to give tips in Japan.

I can't count on Sridhar.

Ricky is a menace.

I just finished reading the book: "Making a difference."

He lives in the back of beyond.

Why did you show it to me?

Christophe is a book lover.


An Olympic boxing champion buys a very expensive jacket. He comes to the Olympic village and leaves his jacket in a dressing room with a sign saying "You take the jacket, I kill you. Olympic boxing champion." In an hour he comes back to see his jacket gone, and another sign: "You catch me first. Olympic running champion."

We should leave out this data. It's far from accurate.

She is a lady and expects to be treated as such.

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We were let into a club.


The scenery at this mountain is very beautiful.

Don't worry about how much it costs, as long as it's reasonable.

Where will you go?

They worked as diligently as a hive of bees.

"Are you happy, Irwin?" "Yes, I am." "If you are, then so am I." "And if you are, Vishal, so am I."

I dream in French.

Give me all of it.


How did you and Kolkka become friends?

There was a big rock concert in 1970.

He was a fresh face in American politics.

You always blame me for your unhappiness.

He's under the thumb.


Now we have to create one in two weeks.


We're not perfect.

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A horse is an equine.

To all those who have wondered if America's beacon still burns as bright: Tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope.

You are interested in a career in foreign relations.

This dish is terrific.

I just graduated from Harvard.

I liked to write in Chinese.

There is a rule concerning the use of knives and forks.

This is a cargo ship, not a passenger ship.

Are there bears around here?

You ought to be ashamed to cheat on exams.

I thought my parents would be proud of me.

She was required to step down in the office.

He is a man of letters.

Cristopher is now 13 years old.

Micah wants to have nothing further to do with you.


I want to talk to Deirdre after school.

The bath is free.

I can't ask Cristopher for that.

The telephone is broken.

Interestingly, the way we understand words is not always that obvious.

Come hither.

You know so much about Rajeev.

Clara is a better chess player than I am.

I know that better than anybody.


I couldn't fall asleep because of the noise.


I burnt my hand while pouring hot water.


We're all retired.

She can ask and answer questions.

Don't play the victim if you're the one pointing the gun.

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Calvin takes a bath once a year.

He left after me.

Taurus doesn't have a lot of freedom.

They were sick.

He gets up early.


Why is she doing this?

Bruce was unable to decide who he should vote for.

Mitch has tonsillitis.


"Why in the world would you do that?" the other asked.


Does anyone here think that's a good idea?


Jeans manufacturers make denim bluer with indigo dye.


She is not an open book.

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My father was a good-for-nothing layabout who sat about on his posterior all day and ate potato chips.

The politician was accused of nepotism when he employed his wife in his electoral office, without advertising the position.

You have been missing all these years.

I have hard stools.

Nicolas can't find the right words to describe his feelings for Pratapwant.


The reporter shot questions at the politician.

Sylvan is quite talkative, isn't he?

I still don't know what I should do.

I do run.

Almost all real numbers are indescribable.

Carlo certainly got the message.

Being a good conversationalist does not just mean being a good speaker of English.

This makes me feel old.

I assume you'll be here this afternoon.

Following the docking failure of an unmanned Russian freighter to the International Space Station, its partners are considering a temporary mothballing of the station.

The water came up to his waist.

You didn't hear me say that he's a saint.

Who's paying for this?

What are you and Ronald doing tomorrow?

It's a bit flimsy.

I don't care what color ink, just bring me a pen.

Joseph wiped his face with his sleeve.

I hated him.

What do you suggest doing?

The company president's welcome was so long that we were squeezed for time in the second half of the ceremony.

He makes a point of attending class meetings.

The essence of liberty is mathematics.

By the time we got there, he had left.

Did you recognize her?

The difference between them, in respect of age, could not exceed four years at most.


I'm old.

This is an historical moment.

Have you heard from them?

The stock market has dropped today.

It was a wonderful day.

This is a very scary moment.

The warehouse was a front for drug traffickers.


Hey, turn on the meter first.

We can survive without food... just not for too long.

You don't have to convince me. You have to convince Guy.

Tell me more.

You may want to get some rest.


She talks as if she knew everything.

I wonder where she had her photograph taken.

Susumu might want to consider giving Kory the loan she asked for.

The girls greeted us warmly.

We didn't leave Boston until 2:30.

Why are you jumping?

Where can I advertise for a used car?

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The devil challenged God to a baseball game.

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I'm not leaving without her.

I can't change this.

I'd like to talk to her.

I want things the way they were.

We could hear helicopters approaching.

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I've spent most of my life here.

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I got caught in the rain and got all wet.

A ship sank near here yesterday.

We haven't still known about the two ships.

Are you saying that you don't want to see me anymore?

You had better leave at once.


How did you kill her?


It seems so.