Where's a ravine, there's a cossack.

I am going to use what you hate against you.

This room is very stuffy.


What's the minimum salary in New Zealand?

A lot of clients come to the lawyer for advice.

It's their problem.

If I could be like that...

Elias had a few friends over for lunch and they spent most of the time griping about their husbands.


Oscar has great wealth, but he is not happy.

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You're still wrong.

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We have a lot of snow here in the winter.

I wandered about aimlessly all day.

St Paul's Cathedral was designed by Christopher Wren.

It's a trap, isn't it?

He did not pay the debt and disappeared.

Lana will die soon.

Write your answer with a pen.


Is Donnie being charged with a crime?

Many citizens joined the army.

I'm in love with her. I don't care what you think.

You aren't afraid of me, are you?

I wonder why Jason didn't tell you.

Chris gets 7 gold coins!

She pricked herself with a needle while embroidering.


Mott was hospitalized with symptoms of dehydration.

Jeanette rolled up the string and put it in his pocket.

I'm sick of hearing Cole and Barrett arguing.

You can use this car.

Do you know how to contact her?


You'd better take care of that soon.

Sometimes you don't need to speak the same language in order to understand each other.

The Fed is trying to stave off a run on the banks.


Please tell Ramneek that Gregor called.

It's really pretty here.

Hurf is getting defensive.


I'll see you tomorrow night.

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Can I go to my locker?

My car is being repaired.

Why won't Heinrich come back?

I really hate this.

She bought a book at the shop.

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Nine hundred years shall you wander over the lakes and streams of Erin. This only I will grant unto you: that you retain your own speech, and there shall be no music in the world equal to yours, the plaintive music you shall sing.

Why have you been away so long?

Don't cry trouble half-way.

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I doubt I can go with you tomorrow.


I don't think children should drink beer.

Who pays you?

We've got a chance.

Better the devil you know than the angle you don't.

That star is visible to the naked eye.


This car belongs to her.

I thought you might like to know that Tracy isn't planning on coming.

This car has a better performance than that one.


You're not ruining your clothing.

I ain't worried about what he might say.

This boat sails through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Boyce is now somewhere in Australia.

They visited the town every now and then.

I wish you didn't have to go to work today.

Love will come in time.


Novo left just a moment ago.

Sir, yes, sir!

Get the meaning of a word from its context.


My mother does not like watching the television.

Pete seems pretty upset about something.

Tad is trying to get back into shape.

My grandfather has lived in Kyoto for over 50 years, so he knows his way about.

That's funny.

I can't find my ticket. I must have lost it.

Caesarion was the son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar.

I'm relieving you of duty.

Travis lied to the cops.

Do you offer any all-day tours?

What a bad boy he is!

He's so good looking!

Dirk has more experience than I do.


The new theory is too abstract for ordinary people.

Antonio put the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

The teacher told them to stop fighting.

That girl is more cute than beautiful.

Where's Lyndon's mother?


Have you thought about what time of year you want to visit Boston?

What's your favorite Broadway musical?

I know I haven't lived the model life.

I can't believe I let you talk me into volunteering.

Dannie is passed out again.

The secret of success is not to think of failure.

That's like finding a needle in a haystack.

Gregory and Swamy aren't married.

Why do you need to know?

How long is Rio Grande ?

Bertrand thanked the chef.

Rand never talked that way to me again.

I don't want to talk.

Jose saw Mayo getting ready to leave.

At last the rats came to the river.

It's not safe to walk the streets after dark.

Barrett is the only one who has a camera.

Venus is referred to as the Evening Star because it is the brightest planet that can be viewed from Earth. Its thick cloud cover is an excellent reflector of the Sun's light.

Those kinds of methods are out of date.

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Can you see?


I have another man in my life.


I don't remember anything.

Jean is all done.

Wood is a disappearing resource in much of Africa, and these stoves burn far less wood than the stoves currently in much use.

Before going to France, my son is going to study French.

Tanaka studied medicine in Boston.


Rahul won't let us go there without him.

Kitty lied to you, didn't he?

That's where Karl lives.

Jim got dismissed for his misconduct in office.

I regret having to say this.


We'll wait outside.

I'm seriously annoyed with them.

I think I've figured out how to fix this.


Sundar covered his mouth with his hand.

Have you really talked to her?

He and his father are like two peas in a pod.

I wouldn't do that even if you paid me.

I'm getting forgetful these days, but what can you do?

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Why are you doing this for us?


I don't know why you need it.

The police found no evidence.

I am tempted to doubt your friendship.

Ross keeps his tools in a toolbox.

I'll give her one more chance.

She pulled the curtain aside.

Liz works as a waitress at a local cafe.


I sent him back home.


I was almost certain you'd say something like that.

Because of a flaw in the original design, our website is vulnerable to SQL injection attacks.

John has confidence in his ability.

I want to see you, when convenient, to discuss the matter you emailed me about.

My husband is watering the flowers.

Pim is good at singing.

That's my favorite excuse.


Please explain how to get there.

I am your father's spirit, doomed for a certain time to walk the night, and during the day I am confined to burn in fires, until the evil crimes I had done in my life are burnt and purged away.

How are your wedding plans coming?


Who's going to clear up all this mess?

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I'm so sorry for what I've done.

Promise me that you won't sell your guitar to anyone but me.

Valeria will always be an outsider.


I had trouble doing that.

Mushrooms are not for rent and the gingerbread house is not to let at the moment.

They sell sugar and salt at that store.

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I hear you went to the United States.

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Jayant and Masanao fight constantly.


We should be talking to her.


She is deeply attached to her parents.

I may have to fire them.

Orville had to rewrite his essay.

A stranger spoke to me on the crowded bus.

Kieran left his job because he hated his boss.

I appeal to any members of the public with information to come forward.

I'm not going back to Boston.

So I will see him running on the way to school today.

What are you doing Sunday?

My father often goes to the United States on business.

He smoked as if nothing had happened.

Who'd buy one of those?

I will give you five days' grace.