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Tintri VMstore T800 Series

Tintri VMstore T820

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  • 1.7 TB Raw Flash
  • 23 TB Effective Capacity
  • 750 VM Density
  • Ideal for midsized and remote/branch environments requiring efficiency to handle hundreds of VMs

Tintri VMstore T850


  • 5.3 TB Raw Flash
  • 66 TB Effective Capacity
  • 2,000 VM Density
  • Ideal for highly virtualized enterprise environments requiring performance and scalability for thousands of VMs


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  • 8.8 TB Raw Flash
  • 100 TB Effective Capacity
  • 3,500 VM Density
  • Ideal for highly virtualized enterprise and private cloud environments requiring performance and scalability for thousands of VMs
Tintri Technology and Software


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Tintri Global Center is an intelligent control center that enables multiple Tintri VMstore systems to seamlessly function as one. It allows storage and virtualization administrators to globally manage and monitor their virtual infrastructure storage and support up to 32 VMstores.


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Tintri ReplicateVM simplifies enterprise data protection and disaster recovery in virtual environments with VM-level customizable policies, integrated deduplication and compression (for reduced WAN bandwidth of up 95 percent), and easy-to-use failover, migration, and testing capabilities.


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SecureVM is available as optional software for the Tintri VMstore T800 and T600 series. Data is encrypted inline using AES-256 bit algorithms without any impact on performance or capacity.



SyncVM allows IT and DevOps teams to tackle copy data management & recovery challenges in a significantly faster and more efficient way, reducing operational overhead and storage consumption associated with traditional approaches.

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The Tintri OS is the industry's first and only hypervisor-agnostic application-aware storage OS. It was purpose-built for flash and virtualization and designed to manage storage for VMs and vDisks directly; there are no LUNs, volumes or other storage objects to manage.