My friends prefer to travel by car than by plane.

Some songs come from Scotland.


Is the new job going well for your younger brother?

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You don't need to know why.

You can't hide forever, Vickie.

We saw you on the beach.

I don't want to resign my job at present.

The world is a small village.

They're not related.

Speech is external thought, and thought internal speech.


I'm not just going to give it to you.

I'm really glad I got to meet you.

I told Mat not to tell Shel.

Turkeer never drinks coffee this late in the day.

Spiders have eight legs.


She trusts me.


It's not Jason Sorrel has been protecting.

Catch it and bring it to Darwin.

Every day was exhausting.

I accept this proposal.

Are you worried about Vidhyanath?

You shouldn't see her now.

He left Tokyo for Osaka.


My friend has been here this week.

This has already been happening for a few months.

Her name was Wolfgang.


Have you ever thought about quitting your job?

"Will the porters come with their master?" "No, they will come alone."

I was on my own during these months.


Any book will do as long as it is amusing.

Be here at six o'clock sharp.

China has Chinese characteristics.


Olof spent three years behind bars.

Why don't you write with the new font?

He threw a rock into the pond.

Ssi hasn't met Becky yet.

He seems to be in trouble.

She could not help but wonder about the story.

I read on electronic devices, since I mostly read at night.


Whatever you did was by you done.

Shean took Syed back home.

Thank you for making the arrangements.

Jong wasn't able to solve the problem.

We need to buy vinegar.

Ben wanted more time.

Not everyone in town likes them.

It's not time to eat yet.

Natraj sings best of all of the girls in class.

Julia can't beat both of us.

You cannot find yourself in the past or future. The only place where you can find yourself is in the Now.

I know you've become more open-minded about these things.

I want to buy some shoes.

This book contains many pictures.

Celeste encouraged his son to study French.


I finally was able to find out where Nicholas lives.

I need to exercise.

What did you want to talk with me about?

The children are listening to a record.

During the rush hours in Tokyo, traffic is heavy.

Where did they come from?

She wants to go.


What did you think of the speech?

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Can you update our software?

There are more messages on Loglan mailing list than on Lojban mailing list every day.

Why do I always have to put up with these things?

I finally got it.

Why do you like me?

Give me a white piece of paper.

Old is about to fall asleep.

It's her dirty little secret.

Tell nobody about what I've just said.

They live on the snow and ice of the Poles and in tropical jungles.

The fact is that I have another appointment.

It was a complete nightmare.

I'm still afraid of you.


Elliott might go to the zoo with Matthew this coming Saturday.

"I figured it out. I'm not that stupid, you know." "Oh, please. Shatter has obviously told you everything."

This tree bears a lot of fruit.

Are you proud of me?

Did you take him home?


Computers are like cats: totally unpredictable.

He framed the picture he had bought on the street.

Ernest has an identical twin brother and few people can tell them apart.

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I worked on Mr. Wood's farm when I was young.

Raphael did neither of the two things I asked him to do.

Lorien started dancing.

Lenny has been coming here three or four times a week.

Margot is going steady with Kent.

I know that cntrational is interested in Lojban.

The child is eating meat.

I'm upset about Tovah.

Theo despised Nora.

Please lock the safe.

I wish I could give up smoking.

She scarcely goes out except on business.

When was the last time you fried an egg?

Did something happen on the bus?

I told the police everything I know.


This is beyond comparison.

Had I had a little more money, I would have bought it.

Bill is the more clever of the two brothers.

It projects things.

You could've just called.

Einstein predicted that the Sun's gravity would bend light.

I need to find a restroom.

Experience Life is a journey in which one often faces lot of hardships.

This bacterium is resistant to penicillin.

We ate a potato salad.

Aren't you even a little curious?

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Just give it to her.


She attained her success through hard work.

Santa asked Joseph to go to a movie with him.

Check your answers carefully.

Many people on Tinder are just looking for a short-term relationship.

Why are you awake?

Almost all the leaves went off the tree.

We must follow him.


Treating his French hosts to dinner at the tony Parisian restaurant was certainly a splurge for Mitch, but he had not visited them for several years, and the gesture expressed his sincere gratitude for their generous hospitality.


Don't be a cheapskate.

John doesn't know how to play the guitar.

It's always been like this.

It's OK to indulge, just don't over indulge.

We won't allow this to happen.

Panzer wanted to show Jakob a picture of John.

Johnathan isn't very good at concealing his feelings.


I think that Brazil has the strongest football team in the world and they have a good chance of winning the 2014 World Cup.

How do you know Jayant likes Ramadoss?

She sent me a long letter.

Horst never knew that Rajiv lived on the bad side of town.

We shall never agree on such a careless plan.

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The city was well fortified except on this side.

Tor is playing golf.

That could take weeks.

How long may I keep this?

Rik got caught in a traffic jam.

Why are they in the church?

Judith was quite diplomatic.

Irving threw the ball back to Alan.

We're best friends.

Miek lives a very busy, compartmentalised life.

You're just like him.

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I never dreamed that I would win first prize.

Would you like that instead?

Complete the sentence.

I have read that story in some book.

Marvin left just a moment ago.

Let me talk to her alone.

I don't really know Duane at all.

Where have we gone wrong?

Do we dress formal?


As soon as our manager got off our backs, everything started to go off without a hitch.

I suppose I ought to apologize.

We want you to marry him.

I hate the rules.

Smart people can pretend to be dumb. The opposite is more difficult.

How many pictures did you take?

Doyle is sleeping now.

I am not an athlete.

You're in safe hands now.

Dorian only eats vegetables that he grows himself.

Man, they really cut a lot of corners when they built this place, didn't they?

I wish there were thousands of sentences in every minority language in Tatoeba.

Three times three is nine.

I met him totally unexpectedly.

Can I speak to her?

In spite of all the cooking shows I've watched, I'm still no good in the kitchen.

Do you really want to sell your house right now?

May I eat this cake?

Have you told your parents?

Would you like to do something together?

Don't try to leave town.

Don't you see the connection?

I didn't make any adjustments.

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You're so nice.