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Louiqa doesn't want to eat Italian food today.

I wonder which one of you is lying.

London is different from Tokyo climatically.


I have my book.

No one trusts him.

I was in a coma for three years.

He succeeded in the face of many difficulties.

I suggest we try a little harder next time.

I just realized it's much more work that I have thought.

The man is eating bread.

You're the one who warned me about this.

Piercarlo was happy about that.

The company closes its books at the end of March.

No one believed her.

Hilda doesn't have to be asked twice.

Good morning!

I believe it my duty to protect these children.

I'm really pleased to hear that.


You're better off without me.

Wow, that sky is really something.

Good evening. How many are in your party?

There are too many ads on YouTube.

He's like a brother to me: the uncle's cousin's nephew of a friend of mine.

He has a very quick mind.

Darin ran for mayor.

I want to warn her.

Galen missed her.

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She's still dependent on her parents.

You should always apologize in person.

Could you tell me how to get to the ballpark?

No matter how hard he may work, he will not be able to pass the exams.

You'll need sleep.

He has published many papers on the subject.

Yesterday, I ate an apple.

She handed the parcel to the customer.

Crime has gotten worse.

That was pretty funny.

This book is on the manners and customs of America.


Didn't I lend you some money yesterday?

Please take me to my seat.

I've been stuck here for three days.

Phiroze and Elias spent the weekend working on a jigsaw puzzle.

I talked to her for an hour.

Clara is Gunnar's brother, not her father.

We handle all type of books, both new and old.

I'm Sorrel's mother.

Much attention was paid to the safety of the passengers.

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If I want it so badly, I need to cultivate it. I have no choice.

You don't seem very satisfied.

He is called Jeff by everyone.

The line is moving very slowly.

Hold my calls.

Far from irritating my skin it was better than before I used it.

The cat has two ears.

No matter the age, a child is a child.

I'm making far journeys, seeing foreign countries, doing things I never did before.

Its mechanism will cease to work.

It could be worse.

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Brandon can't pronounce Kuldip's last name.


I can't settle for this boring life.

We don't want Jason to see you anymore.

Lift it up.

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You guys make it look so easy.


As the tigers approached, we wondered who would be eaten first.


He seems well acquainted with the history of Japan.

I admire people who express their opinions frankly.

Say the truth !

Marian's friends all laughed at Sherman.

Do it again, the same as last time.

Clarence will do nothing.

I've got to give them something.

I've heard that story already.

I'll call him.


Bring her home.

I'm not sure I know what you're getting at. Please express it differently if you can.

Knudsen poured himself a second cup of coffee.

Randy is shaken.

Craig has tribal tattoos on his thighs.

Valentin was awesome.

The students stood up one by one and introduced themselves.

Keep fighting.

Is Patricio missing?

It so happened that I rode in the same train with him.

He pretended to be ill so that he could be absent from school.

He'll leave in an hour.

If you need to use the services of a company, you may be interested to know what standards they work towards before choosing to work with them.

I don't eat as much as I used to.

Johnathan stood up and walked out of the room.

Michael is a man of few words, but when he speaks, people listen.

These housewives are desperate.

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I must write.

Schoolboys usually look up to great athletes.

Life is dear to everybody.

It hurts to see Stu suffer so.

What are you babbling about?

I'll see to it that Joseph does his homework.

At that time, Shuvra wasn't very happy.

Can you take notes over the phone?

Thanks very much for having me to dinner the other night.


The town was exactly the same as before.

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I have a backache.

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Can I offer you some cognac?

It could be fun.

World War One did not end quickly or easily.

The bus driver warned the pupils not to stick their heads out the window.

I have to do something to help Billie.


Can anybody tell me where Ellen went?

His eyes were as red burning coals; long grey hair fell over his shoulders in matted coils; his garments, which were of antique cut, were soiled and ragged, and from his wrists and ankles hung heavy manacles and rusty gyves.

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

Prakash doesn't want Barbara to kiss him in public.

He believes himself to be courageous.

Someone ratted me out.

Her lover is a spy working for the British government.


Why don't you get one?

They interrupted the meeting for lunch.

Rahul mortally injured Nick when he ran her over with his dirt bike.


What a big supermarket!

Are you still in school?

The nurse anticipated all his wishes.

This is a DVD.

Which one of the two brothers did you see?

We attempted the experiment.

I have an important announcement to make.

I'm going to see her off at the airport at 2:00.

I wouldn't put too much trust in Gary.

Was anybody among your relatives ill with cancer?

Try not to be stupid.

I'd like you to take another look at this.

Two women sing.


Stephe is a doctor, isn't he?

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You must account for your conduct.


The court has to apply a balancing test.

I need to learn these skills.

Bert told me that he had lost his textbook.

The clerk refused to give me a refund at which point I demanded to see the manager.

John is not the man that he was three years ago.

He paid the money back.

We went to the beach to swim.

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I don't want you there next week.

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Here is a scary story for you.

Whose are they?

A beautiful woman like you shouldn't be eating alone.

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I have never seen a rugby match as exciting as yesterday's match.

I hope Granny will like the present.

My baby brother sleeps ten hours a day.


I made him go there at once.


I outsmarted Jill.


Don't get me involved in this.

One day, when he was in a merry mood, the demon made a looking-glass which had the power of making everything good or beautiful that was reflected in it almost shrink to nothing, while everything that was worthless and bad looked increased in size and worse than ever.

What happens if Sjaak loses?

Were you involved?

Kenneth was sentenced to five days in jail and a year on probation for drunken driving.

I'm starving!

The problem with the neighbor's kids is that they're always noisy late at night.

I couldn't get a definite answer from him.

He is a music enthusiast.

Which one was Kate?

I don't want to settle for second best.


Steve wrote a song about Barton.

Meat and eggs have a lot of protein.

She always gives an instant answer.

We left Tareq alone.

Is she anybody?


Their mother calls them.

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Joni is positive.


Shadow was waiting for David outside the restaurant.

It'll cost you 2,000 pesetas.

You are an original masterpiece.