Elijah fell asleep during sex ed class.


You had some, didn't you?

A colleague is coming to visit me.

Rod danced with me.

It being awfully cold, the party were almost frozen to death.

Vernon isn't replaceable.

Tobias became bored with teaching and he looked for a new job.

The television costs more than the sunglasses.

To tell the truth, I have no money with me.

I need a hammer to nail the boards.

This CD costs ten dollars.

John broke the window.


Jitendra is the one who mugged you.

She gave him a present.

Where are the boys?

This is the first time I've ever tidied my room.

This room is for rent.

Barney didn't like the idea of Annie going out with John.

Giovanni keeps a toothbrush in his office so he can brush after lunch.


Is it proper to say "Aloha" when saying goodbye?

Above all, I take care of my health.

While she is writing, her dad will supervise.

There's just something about him.

The weathermen predict that there may be some rain tomorrow, but that, in any event, the weather is sure to be cold.


Shutoku wanted to cancel the fundraiser.

Now stand still.

No one was arrested.

Max might not go with us.

Syed held his breath for one minute.

She came home just now.

I don't want to live my life in fear.

That noise is giving me a headache.

He likes to beat around the bush.

May the best man win.

Those picked up a piece of the broken mirror.

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They'll believe anything.

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You can fix it, can't you?

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That is the solution.


She paused in surprise.

That applies to him too.

The cause of the fire is yet unknown.


The journey has just begun.

You got home late last night.

The three of us used to pull all-nighters at Yumezaki all the time.

We think it's fair.

That's a little rough.

There are a lot of languages similar to Castilian.

She got quite well.

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If you hurry, you will catch up with him.


I am going to work out the problem by myself.

We have a lot more to talk about.

Why are you asking me about Roxana?

One of Jesus' disciples was named Paul.

Money makes the world go round.


Leon likes the ocean.

My lecture will be next Saturday, November 29,2014, at 10:30 a.m.

Kelvin didn't want to blow his cover.

I believe Manolis can do that.

I'm done with my homework.

Please correct that.

I'd like to say it's been fun being here, but it hasn't.

There's a lot we still don't know.

He had a great deal to do with the scandal.

We were busy working all night.

These gloves were your mother's.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes when you speak English.

I have an extra ticket.

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Ray noticed sick people everywhere.

I don't cook every day.

Think works nights.

How can I become a trusted user?

I couldn't make myself understood well in English.


Jacobson forgot to renew his passport.


Let's just all go talk to Valeria, OK?


I didn't suspect anything.

He is going to study English next week.

I've been waiting all morning for this to happen.

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What do you think Drew did wrong?

Do your work with more care.

Choose from this list the things you'll need on your trip.

There are such shops about.

I'm worried because of his health.


Frederic begged Lorraine to stay.

He had no sooner gone out of the room than all of them burst out laughing.

He has really soft facial features.

I can truly say that baby is ugly.

Hillel and Hubert left through different doors.


Will you please check these figures?


I think we all know why we're here.

I just want to know where Paul is.

He went ballistic.

At last the boy was given up for dead.

Suzan is crazy.

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I just wanted to get married.


I'd like to buy eye drops.

He opened the cages.

It's not as big a problem as you think.

As of 2012, Maggi Seasoning is 125 years old.

There are many people living in this house.

I seldom go to the movies.

Juliet removed his coat.

It wasn't supposed to happen yet.

You know me.

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I doubt that Allen has finished his homework.


I've turned into the most annoying type of student.

If you will be in Istanbul when I visit in March next year, I would like to spend some time with you.

He applied for a job with the Bank of Tokyo.


Everyone believed you.

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The children solved the problem for themselves.

We waste a lot of time.

I'll always be there for them.

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The people who were here have all gone.

She is playing an important role in our organization.

I prefer to turn a blind eye.

No one is going to hurt you.

Why do I have to talk to them?


There is a problem with your order.

I turned on the radio.

I'm going outside.

She treated her broken leg.

My vocal range is from E2 to E5.

It was an anonymous tip-off that allowed the police to catch the terrorists.

Don't worry about him.

I'm sorry, my boss is sleeping right now. Please come back tomorrow.

Everybody had a good year.

He was alone there.

The conversation is drying up.

You are a prisoner.

I've got places to go.

This is very impressive.

Hugh handed in a blank test paper.


You're a survivor.

You should've stayed in the hospital.

With a little more patience, you could have succeeded.

Brandon left the party at 2:30 a.m.

Send the bill to my house.


That was our first encounter.

Mongo took a cab.

This is really delicate.

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Al knows how to behave in public.

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We don't have any chance of winning.

My family is more important to me than my job.

I think you made an impression on her.

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You'll feel better tomorrow, I promise.

Pria and Luke seem fine.

She didn't buy bread.

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It's a myth.

Nobody tells the truth. Vote for Nobody.

Daniele and Frank played checkers.


I experienced a sense of well-being and was neither hungry nor thirsty.


I've never cared for Mexican food.

You have great potential.

If all went according to her plan, she would be in great demand.

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He has a robust constitution.

It is my belief, that communication is a human right.

What is the exchange rate?


Akira is good at playing tennis.


With the world turning circles running round my brain.


The economy is picking up.