Susie's mother is a very beautiful woman.

I have a friend who can speak French fluently.

Let's start at once; it's already late.

Rafael is dizzy.

Lorien stepped in to help.

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Duke bought a new sport utility vehicle so that her children would be comfortable when she drove them to soccer practice.

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Is it true that you crossed this river by swimming?

His silence makes me nervous.

I was getting worried.

Let's stop this now.

Pack what you need.

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I am showing my teeth.


I assure you this isn't just about money.

Are you staying at the hotel I suggested?

I'm not in a mood to go out.

Raanan seems to believe that he's the centre of the universe.

Do you want to do that again?

Cris told me that he was happy.

I never for a moment imagined we wouldn't get home before the storm hit.

He stole my purse from me.

Everyone has his price.


Howard was angry with me.

Tofu can be used as a substitute for meat.

Of course, I know what you mean.


The only window in our hotel room opens onto a smelly alley.

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I still have a lot of things to buy.


We'll catch up to you.

I like the crisp taste of menthol cigarettes.

You explained it, didn't you?

If you want or need any help, let me know! I'll be glad to help!

Kyung mentioned he had to work next weekend.

He returned home from Europe in 1941, when the war broke out.

I wish you a nice day!

Lea doesn't have enough courage to confront Bernard directly.

The green plants take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


I thought you were going to keep Tiefenthal happy.


I just don't understand why people would want to live here.

How many paragraphs are there in this text?

Hsi will be here for three more weeks.


Science can't solve all of life's problems.

We can't relax here. Let's go somewhere else.

I'll do my best on the test.

This book is pleasant to read.

I was just showering.


You'll be the first to know.

I didn't touch it.

Amos wondered how many hours it took Moses to get ready for the party.

Why don't you sit here?

This island belonged to France in the 19th century.

Griff decided that he wanted to eat by himself.

This is a hard question to answer.

Rafael had a confused look on his face.

We got nothing done this morning.

You'll never get away with it.

Clark abused my trust.

The sea was running high.

That story is a famous one that everyone knows.


Louie must be aware of the danger.

Pin the flower on your lapel.

The prince has set out on a long journey.

Don't run yourself down, Lynne.

I think you ought to leave.


Despite Hippocrates' very first exhortation, the history of medicine abounds in needless torture and bad counsel.

I think I like someone.

This way, please, mademoiselle.

This stew would taste better if you added some black pepper.

Esperanto is easy to pronounce.

I didn't see anyone skating.

Frances is very intuitive.

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I saw the stars; they captivate the eye, and their beauty is beyond comparison.


Dan is Linda's new husband.

I wrote a reply, but I forgot to press send.

Sedat was in the army.


We are sorry we are unable to accept your request.

You'll have some difficulty in carrying out the plan.

You haven't got a chance.

Our summer is short, but warm.

I don't get jealous.

Let's put it off till next week.

We are anxious about our daughter's health.

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I still have mixed feelings about this.


He knows how to whistle.


What's that stain?

Joni pulled a fast one on you.

I want you to leave us alone.


Manuel is a hick.

I love serious music.

The cat is safe.

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He gets on well with Mister Brown.

I've been here three years.

They spent a lot of time together.

The fuse lit at once.

What lovely flowers you brought.


Kikki believes everything Saiid says.

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Is Christie looking for them?


The hair of the inset of the foot of the stepfather of the mason of Father Pedro is black. Whoever says the hair of the inset of the foot of the stepfather of the mason of Father Pedro isn't black, has the hair of the inset of the foot more black than the black hair of the inset of the foot of the stepfather of the mason of Father Pedro.

We were on a plane flying to Boston at that time.

She couldn't answer the question.

Do you want to talk to the children?

We could have anything our hearts desire.


Holes gaped open in the streets after the earthquake.

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He hopes to go abroad.

As a means to pass the time on his long journeys, Christopher Columbus once made a sentence with an infinite number of words.

I'm not in good shape.

I don't handle stress well.

I've already told this to the cops.

Ellen can't talk welsh.

It's going to take about an hour.

You seem to be doing fine.

They're rather important.

I talked to Kory a little while ago.

Can I play some music?

Turn in your test papers.

Let him take care of it.

He never recovered from the death of his son.

A man with a full belly thinks no one is hungry.

Is this a budget problem?

We weren't doing anything!

There's something funny going on here.

If you take care of the small things, the big things will take care of themselves.


Carisa might want to go with you.

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I wrote him a long letter, but he sent me no reply.

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He was deep in debt and had to part with his house.

Ilya stopped working.

The disposal of bioplastic waste represents a big problem.


What time does the curtain fall?

Jamie found the key that he thought he'd lost.

I'm the one who's going to die.

You've got to answer for the outcome.

This is getting interesting.

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I don't like this sentence.

Jared is getting impatient with Rafik.

The problem has to be taken care of.

Dinner will be served.

Tiefenthal doesn't trust anybody, not even me.


Rob and Neil have been happily married for thirteen years.

What maggot bites you?

We'll make a cowboy out of you yet.

His knowledge of Chinese enables us to carry out our plan smoothly.

Suyog tried to hide his concern.


However if you can speak Chinese, Korean, etc. you're able to share your way of thinking with many more people.


Yes, we want that.

Jeremy pretended he didn't see Bradley do what she did.

Are you sure of her coming on time?

Can you find them for me?

Today I have finally mustered the courage to tell you I love you.

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Liza tucked his shirt into his pants.

Did you discuss any of the issues on our list?

Give me some time.

Can I write the name of the beneficiary in Russian?

I popped her cherry.

He likes you!

We need to tell Tait what happened.

Make sure you don't get lost.

Try to have an open mind.

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Maybe in a different universe, our basic five senses are useless and we would require different senses altogether.

You have to try not to forget what time it is.

In Austria, you have to pay to use the highway.

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Cook about 12 ounces of rice.

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Raphael handed Revised a knife.