The postmodern ERP strategy consists of a mixture of both cloud-based and on-premise solutions which are flexible and easily upgraded or replaced if needed. This best-of-breed approach requires real-time integration with the core ERP system.

Argolos offers integration solutions between ERP systems and extended third-party software.
We've created interfaces for business intelligence, advanced planning and scheduling, shop floor control, accounts payable automation, voice-assisted transactions, and mobile real-time visibility.

What We Do

We specialize in developing integration solutions between third-party systems your core business ERP systems.

Business Intelligence

Creation, scheduling, automation, and monitoring of the data warehouses and data marts that feed into most Business Intelligence systems.

Supply and Demand Planning

Extract the sales, promotions, and other demand planning elements that feed into your forecasting software. Continuing the lifecycle, we also extract the schedule and production orders from the supply planning software, to be fed into the core ERP system.

Warehouse and Operations Automation

Automate production transactions from the operations lines (PLC) into the ERP system. Integrate warehouse automation tools (RFID, voice, barcode) with the ERP system.

Accounts Receivable/Payable Automation

Simplify and automate the accounts receivable reconciliation process. Streamline the accounts payable process with online source document search, integrated with the core ERP system financial module.

Data Mining

Scrape and mine information from third parties, to be further analyzed as it relates to your business.

Full Stack Web Site Design and Development

Design, develop, and maintain the online presence of your company.

Demand / Supply Planning Integration

The company realized that their core ERP system didn't support their needs for advanced forecasting and supply planning. They decided to purchase a separate solution to address their needs and required it to synchronize with their ERP system on a set schedule, as well as on demand. Argolos created the interface between the systems, allowing the planners to continue their work smoothly and without having to resort to offline solutions.

Travel Data Mining and Web Site Design

A travel provider wanted to present date and location specific flight information to its customers via an automated mailing list. Argolos designed, implemented, and maintains the full stack cloud-based solution.

Voice Assisted Warehouse Activity

Increasing productivity while reducing injury and training time was the primary goal of this manufacturing company. They purchased a third party voice-based warehouse automation tool. Argolos developed a solution that allowed real time integration of inventory transactions with this best-of-breed package.

Hospitality Data Mining and Web Site Design

The customer's objective was to have a web site that displayed real time inventory information, filtered using advanced algorithms and geo-location. Argolos created the full stack solution and maintains it on a cloud-based data centre.

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