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July 8, 2015

Hello everyone! We are proud to announce our finalized version of our Schedule for Anime Evolution 2015! We hope you are just as excited as us as the hour looms closer. Please remember that the schedule can change due to any reason and we reserve the right to make changes at any time to facilitate the well being of the conventions programming. Cheers! Click maps to enlarge

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June 29, 2015

Join us in welcoming one more Guest of Honour to Anime Evolution 2015: voice actor Daisuke Sakaguchi! Daisuke Sakaguchi is best known as Shinpachi Shimura in Gintama, Uso Ewin in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, Jacuzzi Splot in Baccano!, and has been a part of countless other anime, movies, games, and live-action tokusatsu roles since his debut in 1992. Most recently, he lends his voice to Leonard Watch in Blood Blockade Battlefront. Want to meet Daisuke Sakaguchi at our EXCLUSIVE Guest Meet-and-Greet dinner? Get your GOLD-PASS NOW before tickets are gone…



June 17, 2015

Welcome to Anime Evolution 2015, Phil Guerrero! Phil Guerrero is best known as “PJ Phil” the original Host for the Zone on YTV during the 90’s. If you were a fan of the Power Rangers, Sailor moon or Are you Afraid of the Dark in Canada, Phil most likely guided you through those shows on YTV’s the Zone for years. Whether he was teaming up with Warren, Snit or a human, he made afternoons after school memorable and fun. He also hosted several shows for YTV including, The Anti-Gravity Room,…

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Anime Evolution 2015 Guest Announcement: Michael Daingerfield

June 16, 2015

Welcoming another featured guest to Anime Evolution 2015: Michael Daingerfield! Michael Daingerfield is a Vancouver based Screen Actor, and Voice Actor for animation, video games, and commercials. Some of his most notable voice roles include, Sesshomaru (Inu Yasha), Johann Trinity (Gundam 00), Braeburn (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Han Solo (Lego Star Wars), and Ace Ventura (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective). Some of his most notable On-Camera roles include, Gordon Godfrey (Smallville), Hermes (Olympus), and Ned Foster (Arrow). Autographs – $10 (Includes Signed Picture and Optional Signed Personal Item) Photo…


Anime Evolution 2015 Cosplay Guest: Starktorialist

June 8, 2015

Anime Evolution is pleased to announce more guests for our 2015 lineup! The Starktorialist is a Vancouver based cosplayer. A fashion student by day and a sleep deprived cosplayer by night, she has been making her own costumes since 2009 and aspires to work in the costuming industry someday. Her work has been featured by Playboy, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed, and Gearbox/2K’s Borderlands. The Starktorialist will be appearing throughout the entire weekend and will be able for photos and autographs



June 1, 2015

Anime Evolution is pleased to announce more guests for our 2015 lineup! Tarah-Rex is a Victoria based cosplayer who has been crafting since 2012. After years of admiring Cosplay as a hobby, she finally decided to jump in head first and give it a try. She immediately fell in love. She strives to bring each character she cosplays to life through careful craftsmanship and strong attention to detail. She refers to all her cosplays as a piece of art and is known for her thorough costume and prop weathering. Tarah-Rex will…


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