Hair Replacement For Women & Men

Natural, Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions For Men & Women

Hair Replacement

At Boston Beauty MedSpa, we offer safe, natural, non-surgical hair replacement services for men and women. Our dedicated team of hair replacement and enhancement stylists can produce a full, natural looking head of hair without the use of surgical procedures, medication or harmful adhesives. Whether your hair is just starting to thin or if you’re completely bald, the experts at BBMS can help you obtain and maintain a full head of hair without having to undergo hair transplant surgery.


• Hair Replacement Systems

• Hair Integration

• Hair Extension

• Color Correction

• Revitalizing Hair Products

• Hair Cuts & Styling


Hair Loss Solutions

At Boston Beauty MedSpa, we understand that losing your hair can be absolutely devastating to your self image and emotional well being. That’s why the hair replacement experts at BBMS go above and beyond to end the struggle by providing non-surgical hair loss solutions and support for women and men who are suffering with thinning hair. Our unique hair integration technique produces a full, natural looking head of hair without surgery, medication or harmful chemical adhesives.

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• Hair Loss / Thinning Hair

• Alopecia

• Traction Alopecia

• Male Pattern Baldness

• Trichotillomania

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