We'll talk afterwards.

She gets angry at trifles.

Darrell drove Rand to the airport.

Are you trying to ruin my reputation?


I have just come back from school.


Waiting a long time for a friend makes me nervous.

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Swimming across the lake almost finished me.


I just want to make a final point: you and me, it's all over.

This tooth is an incisor.

Cristina went to Boston.


The boy went down the river on a raft.


I'm afraid I can't make it at that time.


Sarah surrendered.


We are adding examples in Berber.

Dirk saw it.

He is enthusiastic about tennis.

Everything has been arranged.

How are the children?

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I saw Panzer and Straka at the library.

My real name has nothing to do with my nickname.

Anatole was the last person I expected to see there.

You can get up from the examination table now.

I pressed one.


I sincerely hope it won't come to that.

Pandora wants answers now.

It looks like it's just the two of us.

Kyu gets a good feeling inside when people laugh heartily at his jokes.

I could see Jean was busy.

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We should've stayed with him.

Culture plays a dynamic role in shaping an individual's character, attitude, and outlook on life.

Mae became interested in science when she was very young.

Thank you very much for your letter of January 7th.

Have you ever been hypnotized?

There were no roses in the garden.

Let's try to answer these questions.

Keiko deftly piles up the dishes and takes them to the sink.

The Vikings sailed most of the North Atlantic before entering the Mediterranean sea.

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Who could've predicted this?


The person addressed in the song seems to be rather insecure.

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Kylo does like jazz, doesn't he?

Ask her again.

We despise him.

He is in pajamas.

I wish I was wrong.

There were times when I thought the sands would overtake and swallow me.

Sherri isn't the kind of person you think he is.


Shakespeare knew only a little Latin, but he put the little he knew to very good use.

Anita took off his protective glasses.

We came back by way of Hong Kong.

Pat came yesterday.

I've got to find out who Travis gave that information to.

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Don't touch the pot with bare hands.

I think that the Lions will be the champions this year.

You deserve a vacation.


Sharan always gets up at 6:30.

A record number of shares changed hands in busy trading as prices soared to a historic high.

Roxana seemed dazed.

I sometimes fall, but I never give up.

My parents had already eaten by the time I got home.

They all turned to look at her.

Kemal didn't know where Skeeter wanted to spend her summer vacation.


It was a weird game.

What a foolish statement!

I got your text.


Traffic and passers-by stopped as they were slowly seen off from the little village.

I'd like to wash up if I may.

No fewer than 50 passengers were killed.

You didn't have to tell Mechael to do that. He'd have done it anyway.

I've promised Nicolo I would help.

We arrested Kikki.

Jimmy, it's bedtime.

Oh, the train is being delayed.

This is the first time I've ever lied to my father and I am ashamed of myself.

It's Johann's idea of a joke.

Have you ever dried your hair with a hairdrier?


Did Kinch open the door?

Why is this funny?

Debbie isn't very friendly.

Could you tell me the way?

I tuck my children into bed every night.


The father carried his son bodily from the room.


All of us like you very much.

It was because he was sick that he decided to return home.

Teriann was home with a cold last week.

He is a living fossil!

This is how I solved the problem.

Nobody's going to rescue you.

Let's hash it all out.


Is that you?

Isabelle grabbed his bag.

He is washing a car.

It's an old piano.

I want to figure it out for myself.

I heard that he'd died.

Is that your knapsack?


Is this a good place to plant a tree?

Vladislav shifted his hat.

Art wrote Brodie a letter and thanked her for her help.

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Today Maral became one year old.

That girl has quite a reputation.

My father cut wood with a saw.


I have a full-length mirror in my bedroom.

Andy bought us some drinks.

No one seems to know what happened to him.


The mother doesn't see your ugly nose.

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He showed up when we less expected it.

Son has a tough decision to make.

She was living alone in a hut.


How did I miss this?

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He burst into tears.


We tried to defend ourselves.


My father likes pizza very much.

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Sundar enjoys traveling.

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In Japan, you can see the orderly lines at stations.


She's just evil.


A thief believes everybody steals.

I'm depending on you.

The unpopular politician was frequently given the razz by the crowd during his speech.

This restaurant is badly managed.

The meeting will have finished by the time we get there.

Was it all worth it?

It's not just a guess.

We can't give up that easily.

Glass is made from sand.


This book will help you write effectively.


Stevan is a videographer.

There's no need to be that tense.

He kept shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

Tell us about her.

It's dead quiet.

Lar extended his stay by three days.

Trade friction might arise between the two nations at any moment.

I polished for all I was worth. The trouble is that my stock of low-grade gems was surprisingly low.

Saumya will be relocating to Boston soon.

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The ship was wrecked on the rocks.

I never lie.

Juri was born on a ship.

I hope you don't say something stupid.

What could you teach me?


A compromise may be required.

He told the bookstore keeper that he would come there again to buy the book that afternoon.

I find it hard to understand him.

Get that away from me.

We're a week ahead of schedule.

It's already been ten years since my father passed away.

Bertrand decided then and there to never let this happen again.

I don't remember drinking that much.

She was carrying her baby in her arms.


Ro dyes his hair.

In Paris his rich host Javal, a famous oculist, offered him a professorship and a salary to direct the movement, He declined. Modest and free: such were his tastes.

Everybody demanded happiness.

The clock was ticking.

An alcove is useful for storing things.


Aren't you sick of eating fast food?

Let's make sure we're doing this the right way.

I want you to stay here.


I have had a slight headache since last night.