Reading is his chief amusement.

Charleen used to practice the piano three hours every day.


You didn't mean to do that, did you?

I didn't even see him go.

The gap between what can be imagined and what can be accomplished has never been smaller

That was uncool.

I never thought Brendan would hit Jim.

His movies often feature strong female characters.

Compared to you, I'm only a beginner at this game.


I think you've got problems.

Grant got into the car with Pam and they drove away.

Is she not doing well? She seems somewhat depressed.

I bumped into them.

Maybe you can convince Kelly to do that, but I doubt it.


It could take me ten years to fully understand what I have achieved.

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I'm in absolutely total agreement.

We love to climb mountains.

All this is visible to numerous observers.

You can get it for free.

Her eyes shone with tears.

You're much spoken about.

We have to move to Boston.

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I can do this.

I was very disappointed at the news.

He ran up to her.

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Manolis happened to sit next to Rajiv at the concert last night.

We are not adding examples in Chinese.

See you in a few minutes.


He will be at home tomorrow.

Dustin made her own lunch.

You haven't touched your food.

The train was so crowded that I had to keep standing all the way.

We need a goal in life.

Don't be such a pessimist.

It won't be long before they get married.


I had to do everything on my own.

Cliff found out that John was a police informer.

Glynn doesn't earn enough money to support a woman like Anderson.


Sumo wrestling is a traditional Japanese sport.

We're not normal.

I think it was a mistake that he didn't take my advice.

Do you love each other that much?

Saule, give the drum.

Stand back, please.

You might want to reconsider your decision.

You have no idea, do you?

Show me some others.

I can read English, but I can't speak it.

Did you just say something to me?

The President's decision caused the market to react.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

You were tricked.

That's Seth's daughter.


The reason was unclear.

The stocks fell in value overnight.

It is, I think, an indisputable fact that Americans are, as Americans, the most self-conscious people in the world, and the most addicted to the belief that the other nations of the earth are in a conspiracy to undervalue them.

I mean it!

Dad wouldn't let me read books in bed.


We want the meeting arranged as soon as possible.

Rafael didn't hitchhike home.

It's not easy to control the languages that you can speak!

Are you staying in town?

The spokesman explained the contents of the treaty to the press.


Maria needs to go shopping.

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Don't give me any back talk either.

I'm still not sure I can be there.

I sometimes go to the local pool to swim, but I prefer swimming in the ocean.

Do you like rock and roll?

Conscience is the knowledge that someone is watching.

I wrote down his phone number on a scrap of paper.

After all, the play wasn't so bad.

The book is red.

The boy gathered a handful of peanuts and put them in a small box.

Donal is particular.

Ewondo is the language spoken by the Ewondo tribe of Cameroon.

When I was a child, my mother would often read fairy tales to me.

He seldom, if ever, goes to the barber's.


Do you want to speak to Meehan?

Duncan's house was completely covered in snow.

Something's really wrong, isn't it?

Srinivas works eight hours a day.

Shizuko cheated in an examination and received an appropriate punishment.

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If that accident had happened in a city, it would have caused a disaster.

My family enjoyed the picnic.

It was very beneficial.


This is what I get paid to do.


Bring me my bag.

The supermarket is on the other side of the street.

I need to see a copy of it right now.

Les was extraordinary.

He's in this thing up to his balls.


That's why I'm not disappointed.


Boys are stupid.

Straka doesn't like asking for help.

I was alone that night, making noises to trick you, that's all!

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You must help your friends.

He had his car stolen in broad daylight.

This factory manufactures automobile parts.


He stopped laughing.

This carpet feels nice.

Harry grabbed a handful of popcorn out of the bag and then handed it to Saul.

I'm planning to go to graduate school.

I told you it wasn't over.

They speak two foreign languages.

I'm afraid you can't. I have tennis practice later.

The arrow went home.

Carpenters cut wood.


This telephone doesn't work.

The hotel can accommodate 300 people.

Let me show you how it's done.

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He made me cry.


An article about our school appeared in the newspaper.

The station is 100 meters from here.

I wasn't thinking straight.

I'm assuming it was just a coincidence.

This was my plan all along.

I'd like to speak to Dr. Schmidt.

I don't feel good now.


Let me tell you about us.


She thinks she knows best.

I prefer to stay indoors.

We were supposed to protect Christopher.

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"Have you paid your bill yet?" "We most certainly have."

When will you finish your work?

Vern bit off her nails.

When did you last open the bag?

It was five to one when I got to bed.

I don't like okra.

Forty euros for a scarf? You don't have anything cheaper?

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He began to raise his voice.


Large fries, please.


We have plenty of wine.


Cholera germs were found in the food.

We'll never get one here in time.

There wasn't one student who was absent.

She took full advantage of the opportunity.

If you get another speeding ticket within one year, your license will be suspended.

I don't think we can risk that.

We have no secrets from each other.

This paragraph is well written, but there is a mistake in the last sentence.

I am interested in Chinese religion.


She played an important part in the drama.

I was just playing for time.

He'll be out at lunch now, so there's no point phoning straight away.

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My university has dormitories.


I have high hopes for you.

I don't recommend eating in that restaurant. The food is awful.

I don't like the idea of leaving you at home by yourself.

Thierry is a killer.

He went out the window.

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Do you know where I can get a taxi?

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I read two books last week. I loved them both.


Jim and Theodore don't usually enjoy the same things.

Charlie has decided to help us.

Is it right for a doctor to decide when someone should die?


When Boyd was a child, he went to Boston every summer to stay with his grandparents.


Mom and dad came back home.


No one knows where he lives.


I love it when they leave the curtains open.