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I received the Deep Wave unit within 2 days as promised. So that's very fast shipping. The unit also came with washing and handling instructions. The unit is nice and soft. The baby hairs around the perimeter are pretty long. It doesn't have a funny packing smell to it. The unit doesn't really tangle...It sheds a little but that would happen to a lace wig with a curly texture but nothing to really panic say only 5 or 6 strands. The texture is very beautiful...The only thing I think the unit can be improved on is having the knots bleached so it can look more natural when you part it....considering that I'm very light skin. But overall I think it's a good buy for the price and quality as well as the shipping. I would definitely get another one to do a review on youtube to get this site more attention. "

EnglishMonica Hemingway

I am very impressed by the quality of your wigs!!
I have purchased many from the website.
Great customer service and speedy shipping, that actually can be tracked from the moment it is dispatched which gives piece of mind that your item is well and truly on its way!!. I am a happy customer and highly recommend If you are thinking about making a purchase DO NOT HESITATE. You wont be disappointed!
Thank you Kevin. "


Action requires knlwoedge, and now I can act! "


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